How to Look Chic When Bike Riding

Though bikes are retro, it became a daily part of our lives once again. It indeed does a fantastic job in keeping us above ground, and getting to where we want to go without spending hours in the road rage. Moreover, bikes have turned into perfect fashion accessories where we can be both stylish and comfortable while zipping through the city. Keep on scrolling to be inspired on how to look chic when bike riding.

denim overalls with cute bike

red blouse with blazer and jeans lace top with black jeans lace blouse with denim shorts flared jeans with fur jacket

Though denim overalls, jeans, skirts, and shirts are the most casual pieces that make you comfortable when bike riding, you can make these items chic and stylish by pairing them with sophisticated ensembles like pussy bow blouse, lace top, fur jacket, and even fur jackets. Denim jeans whether flared or skinny fit protect you against the elements and perfectly versatile to be paired with comfortable loafers to complete your chic looks.

black shirt dress chic bike outfit white dress coat white dress with cute hat

Though dresses may be challenging to wear when bike riding, they can be still sported with cycling shorts beneath to provide you with some cover. Think of shirt dresses, wrap dresses, lace dresses, and even dress coats are great in looking feminine and chic when bike riding. Since high heels are challenging to pull off, you may still go for fashionable shoes like chunky boots, wedge sandals, ballet flats, and such to give you some sense of style without compromising comfort.

accordion shirt with white top maxi skirt with white blouse navy shirt dress tulle skirt with plaid shirt

Skirts are excellent alternatives to dresses and are more versatile. Like wearing short dresses, mini skirts and shorter than knee-length skirts should be accompanied with cycling shorts beneath. Maxi skirts and even tulle skirts can be great as long as you’re comfortable enough to wear them when bike riding. Pair them with classic shirts, fitted tops, knitted sweaters and such to balance the glamorous feel.

colorful dress with mustard heels crop top with geometric print skirt printed pants with cardigan striped top with leopard pants

Bike outfits can be a great means to show off your personal style and creativity on the streets. Think of colorful prints and creative patterns like animal prints, stripes, florals, geometric, abstract, and such. You may incorporate some creative trends in your style like mixing prints and patterns, color blocking skills, monochrome dressing, asymmetrical styles and such.

classic trench coat with sweater and jeans classic bike outfit

Your bike style can easily transcend from classic, bohemian, feminine, grunge, chic, and any fashion style that fits your mood. If you’re thinking you can’t ride a bike going for work wearing classic corporate attire, you were wrong. It’s all about the confidence, fashion tricks, and uniqueness to pull off a challenging fashion style.

Bike fashion is always cool, especially when you pay some attention not only to your stylish outfits, but also to the shade of your ride and some creative details, such as colors, flowers, and bike charms that can add so much style to your overall looks. Strolling the big city with your chic and stylish bike outfits is inevitable fashionable and enjoyable adventure.




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