5 Chic Ways to Wear Floppy Hats

If you’re a fan of romantic and feminine looks, floppy hats are for you. From coast to coast, celebrities are embracing the floppy hat as the wide brim accessory makes another comeback in a more stylish and fashion-forward styles. So, banish those beanies to the back of the closet and keep on reading for our styling tricks to wear floppy hats to add some flair to your feminine looks.

  1. Spice up your casual jeans with a floppy hat.

jeans with poncho and floppy hat

wool caot with jeans and floppy hat skinny jeans with trench coat and floppy hat

If you’re a fan of jeans for and aren’t inclined to dressy tops, then simply spice your casual outfit with a floppy hat. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, go for a versatile shade of hat that will be complementing for your face especially if you’re pale, fair-skinned, or tanned. Shades of camel are generally flattering to all skin complexions while black may seem too harsh for a woman with a pale complexion. Poncho with jeans outfit, as well as wool coats with jeans, will look dressy with a floppy hat.

  1. Wear a floppy hat to add some flair to your monochromatic outfit.

bandeau top and skirt with floppy hat floppy hat with trench coat floppy hat with fur coat and burgundy pants floppy hat with chic outfit

Monochromatic outfit can easily look boring and dull. So add some interest to your monochromatic looks with a chic floppy hat that will add some dimension, volume, and interest to your style. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may think of a camel shade of hat, lighter than your monochromatic outfit to give a great color contrast without clashing on your statement. You may even go for a brightly colored shawl to add some flair to your feminine style.

  1. Create iconic looks with a floppy hat.

floppy hat with 1960s outfit parisian outfit with floppy hat nude outfit with floppy hat floppy hat with classic coat

Whether you’re a fan of Victoria, vintage, classic, and Baroque fashion, floppy hat is a must-have accessory. Like Chiara Ferragni, add some iconic touch to your nude outfit with a black floppy hat and a pair of burgundy shoes. Just team your hat with a chic pair of sunglasses and a structured bag and you’re ready to go. To create an iconic look, it’s important to draw from the neutral shades as flashy colors like hot pink, cobalt blue, citrine yellow, and lime green on your hats don’t look classy enough.

  1. Add some interest to your printed outfit with a floppy hat.

floppy hat with camel coat striped floppy hat with fitted top and full skirt floppy hat with chic outfit

Whether you wish to you for a plain or printed hat to team with your elaborate outfit, floppy hats will give a feminine flair to your looks. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may think of going for a striped floppy hat to intentionally team with your striped top and pleated skirt. This way, you’ll get a coordinating and cohesive look while looking fashion-forward on your street style. If you think your boxy outfit is not so feminine, like a boxy coat, striped tee, and a pair of loafers, simply polish your looks with a floppy hat that will bring back the feminine vibe in you.

  1. Create a breezy vibe with floppy hats.

white breezy dress with floppy hat beach outfit with floppy hat

Known to be the summer must-have, floppy hats can now be worn in the spring, fall, and even in winter. Just opt for a color and material that go well with your outfit. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, create a breezy statement with a chic floppy hat and a breezy white dress that can spice up your summer and spring looks. Indeed, floppy hats are a fashion must-have for every woman to create the most stylish and iconic styles that can make a bold statement.

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