How to Look Cool at Summer Pool Party

Pool parties are a delight in the dead of summer but deciding what to wear to them can be tough and tricky. You love to look great, but you also want to be comfortable in and out of the water. If you’ve never been to one before, keep on reading to scoop our top picks for what to wear to be pool-party-ready and enjoy the summer season around the pool.

hat pool party

sunglasses hat

Sunglasses are the perfect accessory to safeguard your eyes from the harsh sun. Wool hats may be hip and trendy, but totally not so cool on blazing summer days. So, consider wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat so the sun doesn’t shine in your face all day and keeps you comfortable all day long. Also, hats cover your bad hair day as it doesn’t make any sense to go for a stylish hairstyle if you go in the water. You may go for natural waves, braids, or ponytails that are easy and look polished. If you want some lip gloss and mascara, make sure it’s waterproof.

black bikini white cardigan

A great swimwear is the foundation of any pool party outfit as it will say more than enough for you. So, be sure to get one that flatters your figure and be sure to skip swim briefs and oversized tees. Always dive in without covering up your favorite swimwear, though you can wear cardigan, caftans, sarongs, or cover-ups on top of your swimsuit when it gets chilly or when you just want to lounge around the pool and not get in the water. Caftans with tassel trims, embroidered tops, and a beach kimono are a must-have. Just don’t forget to apply lots of sunscreen before and after hitting the water.

chunky sandals sandals brown strappy sandals

Stilettos must be left home as they make you slip or anything around the slippery pool. Instead of heels, flip flops or low-heeled sandals are very practical for pool parties as they’re easy to take on and off and easy to walk around. Opt for waterproof sandals that make walking on slippery ground way easier.

mesh dress white maxi dress white summer dress

A pool party doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll come and go in a swimsuit. If you care about style as much as comfort in equal measures, it would be great to sport some sundresses, maxi dresses, and mini dresses too.

button down tied top classic shirt crop top denim shorts slit dress

If you’re not a dress kind of girl, crop tops, bandeau tops, and shorts are a great outfit alternative for around the pool outfit. If you have a cute shirt that needs something underneath, you can wear a bandeau top. Denim shorts are great as well as lace ones for a flirtier look. To give a punch of feminine and classic look, then you may wear a classic button-down shirt tied to show off your midriff or not. You may pair it with a short skirt or a long skirt with a thigh-high slit.

tote bag

Carry a cute nylon waterproof tote with you for all your party essentials and skip leather bags unless you’re looking to ruin an expensive pocketbook when a guest performs a surprise cannonball.

This summer, play with colors, textures, prints, and swim-friendly accessories to your pool party! And, after taking a dip in the pool, throw on your maxi dress and sandals because it’s time to enjoy the guests and amazing BBQ!



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