How to Fake the Airbrushed Look

If you’re looking for a way to get your makeup to look as natural and as flawless as possible, airbrushed makeup is the best way to go. However, airbrush makeup can cost you hundreds of dollars when you get it done by a pro. There are many self-airbrushing kits you can buy online and from makeup stores but even those cost some serious cash plus it requires skills and patience in applying as well. Self-airbrushing kits can be a little messy, too, so it’s not really all fun and games when using these kinds of makeup. Luckily, with the right tools and a little bit of practice, you can fake the ever-so-expensive look of airbrushed makeup. Here are some tips on how to fake the airbrushed look.

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  • Get the right products – you’ll need quite a few makeup tools and brushes to achieve the airbrushed look. If you don’t already, go ahead and buy yourself some of these tools and blushes: a Beauty Blender, a stippling brush, a concealer doe-foot applicator and a round kabuki brush. Make sure your brushes are dense so they pick up products better and diffuse them better as well. I would also recommend using brushes made with synthetic bristles (except for the powder kabuki / round top kabuki) because they hold cream, gel and liquid products better than natural hair.

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  • Set out your products – now that you have your brushes ready to go, it’s time to lay out all the products you’ll be using. You’ll need primer, liquid foundation, concealer, setting powder and your blush.

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  • Prep your face – before anything else, you need to prep your face. Wash it up to make sure it’s clean (exfoliate if needed), put on your skin care products like serums and moisturizers and let them sit and then apply primer all over your face. If you can, use a primer that makes pores less visible to really get that flawless, airbrushed look later on.

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  • Foundation application – the way you apply your foundation will greatly affect how it will look. If you just apply with your bare hands, you get an okay, natural-ish finish but if you apply with a brush, you get a more professional-looking outcome. To get an airbrushed look, start by putting foundation on the back of your hand and then dipping your beauty sponge in it and then dabbing (not dragging) the product on to your face until you achieve the coverage that you want then, with just a little bit more of foundation on your stippling brush, buff the product in then swirl to blend the foundation.

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  • Apply blush – if you are using blush, it would be more ideal to use gel or cream blushes because these blend easier into the skin, giving you that seamless look. Powder works fine, too, as long you blend really well with a blush brush.

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