Fall Fashion Trends You Need to Watch Out For

Keeping up with the latest trends may be difficult sometimes but there’s no denying that it’s super fun, too. I personally love watching shows and reading up on the trends for the coming seasons and fall is one of my favorites. I think fall trends are the best because they’re comfy and cute with a chic rustic vibe to them. If you love fall as much as I do, check out these fall fashion trends you need to watch out for.

  • CAPE COUTURE – capes are back and this time, you either go big or go home. A lot of fashionistas all over the world loved the cape trend last year so having it back this year is really exciting. If you’re looking for new outerwear styles to add to your closet to play with, you should definitely try wearing a cape.

cape outfit idea

cape and jeans outfit

  • PUSSY BOW – the pussy bow is a trend that the girly girls are sure to love. Having this subtle little detail in your outfit is going to give your look that soft and dainty feminine vibe. It’s a refreshing break from all the low and plunging necklines we’ve seen this summer.

pussy bow top and trousers pussy bow white dress outfit

  • CINCHED WAIST – great news for all the ladies out there who weren’t naturally bestowed with a shapely silhouette and curvaceous hips: this fall, cinching your outfit by the waist is going to be one of the biggest trends. This means being able to create curves and a new, shapelier silhouette for a sexier look and the best kind of belt to use for this look is the corseted belt so start collecting now!

corseted belt and lbd corseted gold belt

  • PATCHWORK – whether it’s legit patchwork or just the illusion of it, this is one of the trends that everyone should look forward to this fall. This is a great trend for those who are always torn between the endless choice of fabrics to wear since patchwork pieces allow you to wear multiple ones at a time!

patchwork pants patchwork fall skirt

  • WINDOW PANE PLAID PRINTS – forget about tartans and plaids for a while. This fall, a new checkered print pattern is going to steal the show: window pane plaid. Wear it in black in white for a smart, sharp and sophisticated look.

windowpane print jumpsuit windowpane print head to toe

  • COZY COLLARS – fur has been a staple in our fall and winter wardrobes for many years now, be it real or faux fur. This year, though, instead of wearing it all over in one piece, the trends call for wearing it as a statement piece on the neck. Fur collars on jackets are great for keeping yourself warm on a super chilly day. If you’re not into scarves, you should definitely try this trend out.

fur collar coat outfit fur collar outfit

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