Winter Makeup Trends

Winter Makeup Trends You’ll Love

What we love about winter makeup is the new frosty but fashionable look on our face while fighting the cold and feeling determined to look good no matter what. Is the weather unbearable? I’ll tell you what you’ll never bear when the snowflakes come hitting on your nose- bad makeup. And it’s a complete no-no in the industry to look ever so wrong in the cold season.

For the eyes, cheeks, and lips, we’ve got it all covered so you’ll be updated with the trendiest styles. Planning to go bold? Feel free to do so, but nothing ever’s over-the-top this season as edgy has more power anything else.

Here’s a list and examples of winter makeup for 2013:

1. Dark and Dramatic Eyes. Add some glitter for a little fantasy and spunk. Keep lips simple with a nude shade or something like muted pink.



2. Bright Eyeliner and Pale Pink Lips. Another matte look, but just as adorable for the snowy period.


3. Long and Thick Lashes Plus Glossy Pink Lips. It’s the ultimate doll look of the season.


4.  Blush Rose  Cheeks. There’s just no way you can look like the Snow Queen all winter long. to add a bit of color,  use a more obvious shade of rouge.


5. Thin Eyeliner Plus Dark Lips. How can any other look be edgier than this? Don’t be afraid to experiment as it might just be the right winter makeup for you.


6. Pastel Eye Shadow and Balmy Lips. Here’s a new look fo the Snow Queen- softer, prettier, and much more feminine. Eyeliner may be thick but the sweet shades of eyeshadow and blush-on stand out.wintermakeup6


7. Grunge Factor. Nothing much to say except “Don’t mess with this look!” The simplicity says it all- “Don’t fuss with me either.”


8. Metallic or Non-Metallic Eye and Semi-Stained Lips. Way to go for a contemporary amazon look. It’s amazing for both ladylike and androgynous wardrobes.


9. Radiant, Clear Skin. Plain but posh enough to rock the runway and any winter party.



11. Rosy All Over. The healthiest look for winter makeup and much more suitable for younger faces such as teens isn’t out of style at all.  wintermakeup17