What to Wear with Mules

One of the hottest and biggest trends in shoes this season are mules. These blast from the past goodies are making their way into our closets yet again and this time, they’re more fabulous than ever. Today’s mules are so much more chic. Styles and designs are so varied and creative, you don’t have to worry about looking like you’re wearing mom’s shoes ever again. If you still have no idea what to wear with mules, though, check out our tips and ideas below.

  1. Skinny jeans – skinny jeans are perfect when you’re wearing mules, especially when it’s a pair without heels. The skinny silhouette that the pants give off is one that doesn’t overshadow your shoes so it’s great if you’re wearing mules that you want to show off.skinny jeans and mule
    skinny jeans and leopard mules
  2. Cropped pants – if you don’t feel like wearing skinny jeans, though, but you still want to slip into your mules, you can go for cropped pants instead. Cropped pants are great for pairing with mules because they can make you look a little taller than you already are plus they can help make your legs a lot more slender, too.cropped jeans cropped jeans and crop top
  3. Midi skirts or dresses – love modest looks? Then mules are right up your alley. Pair up your mules with flouncy skirts or feminine dresses in midi length to achieve a look that’s modest but still super chic and sophisticated. Any silhouette is fine but loose, flowy ones are best.midi skirt and mules midi dress and mule shoes
  4. Long skirts with slits – another way to achieve modest looks that are chic and fashionable is to wear a long skirt with slits along with mules. The combination of these two create the perfect balance between modest and sexy, trendy and classic – something that’s a little tricky to achieve.long skirt with long slit selena gomez long skirt with slit
  5. Shorts – for a casual, everyday look that’s cute, trendy, and stylish, you can wear your mules with shorts. Any length will do but try to stick to the regular length and opt for a classic cut / style. This way, you won’t be taking the attention away from your mules.shorts and mules shorts lace top and mules
  6. Mom jeans – feeling adventurous? I wouldn’t usually recommend wearing mom jeans with mules but seeing the gorgeous pictures on Instagram had me thinking twice. If you’re bold enough, you can pull off this combination and end up with a fashion forward look. Check out the pics below for inspiration.mom jeans and mules mom jeans tank top and mules
  7. Culottes – dress like a fashion editor by pairing up mules with culottes. It’s a really chic combo that may look difficult to pull off but the reality is that it’s the other way around. Just make sure you create balance throughout your outfit by avoiding any other loose-fitting pieces and you’re good to go.

culottes in blush and coral mules

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