What to Wear When Hosting a Party at Home

Who doesn’t love hosting a party at home? It’s the perfect excuse to be with your friends after a long week at work and an even better excuse to eat good food, drink good wine, tell great stories and maybe invite that cutie from work to come over. Of course, along with hosting comes a multitude of tasks and that includes creating the perfect ambiance, serving tasty food, having delicious drinks, setting a good mood for the party and, naturally, looking good for your guests. Whether you’re hosting a party to impress someone or you’re doing it just because, make sure you always look great. Here are some tips on what to wear when hosting a party.

  • SOMETHING APPROPRIATE – what you wear will depend on several things including the time of day you’re doing the party, your guests and the place where you’ll be hosting your party at. If it’s as simple as a casual dinner party at home with your closest friends, a decent pair of jeans or dress pants along with a dressy top will do. If you’re hosting it for people you want to impress like your bosses, new neighbors or whatnot then put a little more effort in your look and don a simple but chic dress with some delicate and ornate design and details to wow your guests.

casual party host outfit

chic dress outfit

  • SOMETHING UNIQUE – a unique dress is always a great conversation starter / ice breaker if you’re hosting a party for your girl friends. Wear something that you haven’t worn in a long time or maybe something that you altered and done some DIY to.

gorgeous party hosting outfit flirty party host outfit

  • SOMETHING THAT SHOWS YOUR STYLE – just because you’re hosting a dinner party doesn’t mean you have to fake it and look super fancy. Pick an outfit that would show at least a little bit of your style. if you’re not really the girly girl type, don’t force yourself into pastel colors and lace. If most of your friends are rock and roll punk chicks and you’re not, you can try to blend in by maybe wearing a leather jacket with your moto boots but don’t dress up as if you’re making a costume out of their style. Two things you want to avoid are 1) having your guests think you’re trying to intimidate them with your outfit and 2) having your guests think you’re trying too hard to impress them.

simple and chic outfit party host simple outfit

  • SOMETHING COMFORTABLE – wearing something comfy will allow you to entertain and serve your guests better. You can’t go around and offer drinks to everyone if your size 7 feet are aching from being squeezed into size 5 shoes. You also don’t want anything too warm, heavy and chunky if you plan on cooking each and every dish right before they’re served because that means running to and from a hot kitchen which might leave you sweaty.

simple party host outfit simple girly outfit

  • SOMETHING WELL THOUGHT OF – it’s only proper to dress up and wear something presentable and stylish when hosting your own dinner party at home because, well, you’re the host after all but more than that, what makes putting effort into what to wear important is the fact that all your other guests are doing the same for your dinner party, too.

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