What to Wear to Your Prom After-Party

Prom is one of the most awaited school events that a lot of students look forward to and while picking out a dress for prom night is really fun, thinking about what to wear to the after party is even more exciting. If prom is coming for you and you’re already planning on your outfit, check out these tips and ideas on what to wear to your prom after-party.

  • YOUR LBD – that prom dress may look good but it might be a little too extravagant for the after party so for something a little more ‘general’, go with your LBD. This is a great choice if prom is just a few days away and you still haven’t got any other after party outfit options. It’s also great for those who want to save some cash and don’t want to splurge on a new dress just for the prom after party.

lbd outfit cute

lbd outfit chic lbd chic outfit

  • MESH DRESS – ladies always like looking a little sexier at the prom after party but you don’t want to go all out because, hey, you still want to keep your look classy, right? If you’re looking for a chic way to add a hint of sexy to your prom after party look, go for a mesh dress. Having mesh panels on your dress is going to add just the right amount of sexy tease to your look without making it inappropriate for your age.

mesh dress in blackmesh dress mesh patterned dress

  • CROP TOP – if you want something a little sexier and more revealing than a mesh dress, though, you can opt for a crop top which is a great alternative that’s both fun and hip. Though it shows more skin, it’s still age-appropriate. Just make sure that the bottoms you pair with it aren’t too sexy to balance it all out. Some of the best bottoms to pair with a crop top are midi skirts and high waisted pants.

crop top with matching skirt crop top outfit crop top and floral skirt

  • SEQUINS – got your prom after party planned out to be a glam one? Then make sure you match the scene and go all out on the glam with your after party outfit as well. And what better way to go all out on glam than to sport some sequins, right? A sequined dress is sure to make you shine and sparkle. If you don’t want to wear a dress and you want something more comfy for the after party, a pair of sequin shorts or even sequin pants would make a great choice.

sequin gold dress sequin dress sequin blazer


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