What Shoes to Wear with Harem Pants

Harem pants are a nice alternative for skinny jeans giving us great comfort, chic vibe, and feminine feel. A versatile and stylish style of pants, harem pants look great with every body shape and a stylish piece that can make you look sexy while covering some weight. Since choosing shoes with these pants may seem daunting, keep reading for out stylish picks to look fashionable in these trendy pants.

sporty chic outfit

Looking sporty chic may be one of the laidback styles you’re aiming for and trading your sporty sweatpants with harem pants is a stylish way of looking chic without losing the sporty vibe. Whether you have an eye for canvas sneakers, tennis shoes, colorful kicks, or neutral colored fashion runners, these selections of footwear will definitely look great with harem pants. If you are planning a day of leisure, wear harem pants with sneakers. While this outfit combination might seem too modest, you can spice it up with a scarf, watch, baseball cap, and some colored bracelets.

wedge boots with harem pants and black top wedge sandals with dress pants and chic top wedge sandals with harem pants and chic top

If you want to look taller while keeping your looks casual, a pair of wedge sandals or boots with harem pants is an excellent choice. Go for the nude shade of platforms that are close to the color of your skin tone for a more flattering effect. Just remember that delicate materials always look more feminine with platform footwear that can take you from day to night. In order to look fancier, polish your looks with a structured bag that also add some balance to the billowy nature of your pants.

black pumps with harem pants and blazer classic pumps with harem pants and loose top classic pumps with jeans and tank top peep toe shoes with harem pants and crop top red pumps with harem pants and red sweater

Classic and timeless, pointy toe pumps with kitten heels are great choice to dress up your harem pants. The outfit combination will create a balanced statement for where the classic pumps make your sporty harem pants look more feminine and sophisticated. But when you plan to wear harem pants for special occasions, don’t forget to add some belt for a great waist definition. If the harem pants are too long for your legs, feel free to cuff them off to show off your classic shoes.

ballet flats with harem pants and loose top flat boots with skinny pants and tank top thong sandals with harem pants and chic blazer thong sandals with harem pants and simple top lace up sandals with harem pants and chic top

If wearing ballet flats with harem pants make you feel looking like a genie from Aladdin’s lamp, opt for other flat footwear like flat boots, thong sandals, and lace-up flats. You can wear this outfit to work or when you are having a simple dinner with your friends as it looks classy and chic. Better opt for neutral shades like black, white, gray over those cheery and lively shades that look quirky.

structured blazer and strappy sandals with harem pants strappy sandals with with harem pants sandals with harem pants and black top

The billowy structure of harem pants can swamp your frame making you look shorter than you are. For a safe bet, opt for strappy sandals that show your feet rather than covering them with closed pumps. This way, you’re creating some break between your pants and sandals to give an illusion of taller frame. Indeed, harem pant are a great addition to your wardrobe in creating a trendy and fashionable style.

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