What Does Your Work Wardrobe Say About You?

Sometimes, the answer to your career personality can be found in your closet. Since what’s in your closet is a reflection of who you are, keep on reading to know what your work wardrobe is saying about you to your office mates. After all, those years of clothing don’t lie.

  1. If your wardrobe is full of monograms and logos…



Whether it’s a designer bag, scarf, and even clothing, monograms and logos can sometimes spice up your overall look depending on how are you going to wear them. Most of the time, you’re using designer threads to send a message about yourself and your social standing. According to Jennifer Baumbgarner, clinical psychologist and author of You Are What You Wear, “Designer labels are connected to financial success. And we tend to directly correlate financial success with the characteristics that help achieve prosperity. Due to these subconscious associations, we may give the person we believe to be successful a higher salary or more opportunities.” However, overshadowing your boss or clients may not be the smartest thing to do.

  1. If your wardrobe is full of colorful prints and trendy pieces…


Wearing prints, bright colors, and trendy pieces definitely add some personality to your office looks. This might be great for creative workplaces for where you show that you’re bold, confident and not afraid to speak your mind. However, take note of the psychological effects of the colors you’re wearing. “Some studies have shown that yellow represents positivity, and blue, trustworthiness. Red is good when you want to appear assertive, but don’t wear it if you’re firing someone. Green, the color of empathy, is better,” says image consultant Michelle Sterling of the Global Image Group. Also, looking overly trendy on your work outfits could also give off the impression that you care more about your clothes than your job, which wouldn’t take you anywhere.

  1. If your wardrobe is full of clothes from years ago which you’re still wearing…

lace-skirt-with-white-button-down-shirt sweater-with-checkered-skirt-and-fall-boots

Whether you’re a sentimental person that holds on vintage items or a thrift shopper that don’t follow trends avoid looking sloppy on your old work clothes. Worn-out, ripped, stained and such clothing are not acceptable to the office. You may also give the impression that you’re likely to be out of touch with modern-day happenings. So, do yourself a favor and go shopping sometimes for a bit refreshment on your closet.

  1. If your wardrobe is full of monochromatic or neutral colored clothes…

all-white-outfit black-outfit-with-camel-coat

According to psychologists, people who perpetually wear black and white are usually introverts and they dress to not stand out in their environment because they’re more comfortable with just a close inner circle of friends. Though monochromatic is timeless, this might not give you some edge if you’re working in a creative or fashion-related office. So, pay attention to modern structures, asymmetric silhouettes, and fabric contrast that sounds more creative and modern.

  1. If your wardrobe is full of same stuff…

feminine-outfit-with-lace-up-sandals camel-coat-with-all-black-outfit

If you have a closet full of identical items, you could be living in a style bubble that you’re afraid to pierce. Some psychologists feel that this is a sign of fear of change and commitment, especially at work. Though having fewer options in your wardrobe helps save time and reduces unnecessary decision-making, you’ll end up looking boring and predictable. With our guidelines, you’ll be able to refresh your work wardrobe and project a good image at work.

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