Wendy Nguyen: Neon Colors for Summer

Neon is a never ending fashion favorite for summer. It’s no surprise, as the summer is synonymous to joyfulness, excitement and brightness and these colors fit perfectly into the description. It’s the time to break out brilliant, dazzling, and eye-catching neon pieces as these vibrant colors will make you stand out from the crowd.

neon yellow lace dress wendy nguyen

Los Angeles-based style blogger, Wendy Nguyen, finds a source of inspiration from art, architecture, culture, music, nature, and even people for her fashion style. In her blog Wendy’s Lookbook, she demonstrates her unique style through stunning outfits particularly in bright and neon colors. Nature encourages her to play with colors, architecture helps her to understand shapes and patterns, and music gives a gateway for her to hear and feel the texture, as she has said on her interviews. In Wendy’s viewpoint, fashion is about incorporating all of these things together. Furthermore, she recognizes it as an instrument that enables playing with different shades and shapes to build unique looks and thus uncover her own style.

Whether neon is one of your favorite colors or you are just assessing the perfect style for summer, it’s a great way to bring some brightness and sunniness to your summer wardrobe. Let’s take some fascinating ideas from Wendy Nguyen on how to incorporate neon to our style this summer.

purple and red outfit wendy nguyen neon yellow skirt neon yellow citrus skirt wendy nguyen
Always opt for the neon colors that highlight your best features – goes well with your skin tone, hair color, and figure. For instance, if your face is pale, then orange is not the shade for you. Instead, you should consider smarter colors like neon pink or cobalt blue. Neon blue shades spotlight blue eyes while tanner shades stress the attention on hair highlights. If you have a pear shape figure, wear neon colors for your top part and wear deeper colors beneath. For apple-shaped figures feel free to wear neon bottoms. If you have an ideal proportional shape, then wear neon on whichever zone you like. Wear neon colors on body parts you want to show off; since neon color highlights and makes the zone seem larger than actually it is.

all neon emerald green yellow wendy nguyen canary neon wendy nguyen neon yellow dress wendy nguyen
If you’re bold and adventurous, and want to make sure to stand out from the crowd, go for neon yellow and neon green together for a brilliant and cutting-edge look, since neon will always make you noticeable from afar. A neon colored outfit makes a statement on its own and does not need vivid accessories. The simplest way to wear neon color dress is to incorporate it with beige, gray or brown. But if you crave for more “neon” in your attire, you can add contrasting neon color accessories. The neon color will give new life to the simple outlines of the dress, and will make it look classy.

neon purse wendy nguyen neon yellow shoes wendy nguyen neon yello shoes denim wendy nguyen
If you are not daring enough to take the neon style for summer, the safest way of wearing neon is giving a touch of neon accessories. Neon shawls, belts, shoes, purses, bags and jewelry are all easy and inexpensive ways to add a pop of color to any outfit. Wear an all-black look and make a statement with your neon heels. A classic look will always be refreshed and renewed with a little touch of neon on it.

neon top and black pants wendy nguyen neon top and stripes skirt black and neon green skirt wendy nguyenneon floral print dress wendy nguyen puzzle pattern neon dress wendy nguyen
Teaming neon with neutrals is a brilliant way of toning down the neon look. Picking neon clothing with a neutral color scheme enables the vibrant color to be the center of the attire, creating a daring, yet tame look. For instance, team up a neon top with black pants. Consider a neon dress with a nude blazer to calm things down. If you still find neon colors to be too strong, think about incorporating neon style into your attire by means of patterns and prints instead of solid neon colors.
If you really want to spice up your summer style, be dressed in the look that perfectly suits you and wear confidence. Be now ready to show off yourself and stand out from the crowd this summer.

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