Ways to Wear Red for Valentine’s Day

Red is a color that reminds us all of Valentine’s Day, or love in general, and once V-Day rolls around the corner, we think of ways to incorporate a bit of this color into our looks for the special day. Now, a monochromatic red outfit is going to look chic on any other day but on Valentine ’s Day it can be a little cliché and sometimes even tacky. Luckily, there are other ways to wear red for Valentine’s Day that are gorgeous and chic. Check them out below.

  • RED LIPSTICK – red lipstick is really easy to pull off but a lot of women are overwhelmed by it. If you’re looking for an easy way to wear red for V-day, why not put on some red lipstick? Make sure not to make the rest of you makeup too heavy or dramatic so that you wouldn’t have too much going on with your look.

red lips alexa chung

red lips simple makeup red lips

  • LITTLE RED DRESS – the Little Black Dress is a closet staple no woman should be without and it has proven to be a classic and chic go-to every time but if you’re looking for an alternative, a Little Red Dress might be nice. Pick one out that has other color accents and details on it so it doesn’t have to be all red. You can also accessorize in other colors to make it pop.

red dress and silver heels red outerwear blazer red dress with black accssories

  • RED OUTERWEAR – if you don’t like the idea of being committed to the color all night long or all throughout your date with your man, you can always turn to outerwear. A red trench coat would make a lovely for a romantic date night. If you want something a little more on trend, why not go for a lovely red blanket cape? Those are all the rage these days and they can keep you real warm.

red outerwear knit sweater red outerwear

  • RED ACCESSORIES – want a subtler take on wearing red? How about casually throwing red accessories in to your look like a pair of red heels or maybe carrying a red purse? A red hat might also be nice or, if you’re looking to jazz it up, why not try wearing red gloves?

red accessories scarf red accessories shoes and purse red accessories shoes red accessories hat

  • RED JEWELRY – there are lots of ways to wear red jewelry and my favorite one is ruby. Ruby is so stunning and sexy; it goes well with just about anything and everything. Of course, if you’re on a budget you can always wear other kinds of jewelry in red.

red jewelry red jewelry lace necklace red jewelry bracelets

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