Ways to Wear a Midi Skirt for the Season

Fall is in full effect and by now, you should be really thinking of ways to create looks that are both warm and comfy and fab and stylish. So, how do you exactly do that? Well, thicker pants like sweats, jeans and whatnot are definitely an option but what about skirts? For those of you out there who love to embrace their girly side, I’m sure you’re looking for skirts that you can wear now that the temps are dropping lower and lower by the day and I think that one of the best kinds of skirts to go for during the colder days is the midi skirt. Here are some ways to wear a midi skirt for the season that will leave you feeling cozy and looking stylish.

  • HIGH WAISTED – fall is a really great season for going retro and rustic so if you’re looking for a way to channel that into your look, you can try going for high waisted midi skirts. These look great with just about anything you have in your closet for fall and they definitely make a subtle statement, perfect for the fashion lover who doesn’t want too much attention pulled in.

high waisted midi

high waisted nude midi pink high waisted midi skirt

  • FULL MIDI SKIRT – if you don’t mind having a little bit more volume around your waist or, actually, if you need a little more volume around your waist, going for a full midi skirt is the best way to go. A full midi skirt entails some drama into your look so keep that in mind before you sashay out on the streets. Wear your full midi skirt with a simple sweater for a cool and casual outfit on lazy days or dress it up a little more with a glam top and you’re set for that date.

frilly black midi patterned full midi pink belle midi red midi and sweater yellow midi skirt

  • PENCIL CUT MIDI – on the other hand, if you have all the right curves on your waist and you want to flaunt that, go for a pencil cut midi skirt. A pencil cut midi skirt is the perfect thing to wear to work if you want to go for a sexy look without violating any rules on dress code. Make it even more chic and sexy by opting for a high waisted pencil cut midi to really showcase that figure. You’ve worked hard for it, after all.

bright pencil cut midi white pencil cut midi red leather pencil midi striped top purple pencil midi and cropped jacket

  • IN DARK COLORS – does the midi skirt somehow remind you of spring and summer? I wouldn’t be surprised. They were a big hit for the past seasons so it’s easy to associate them together but now that it’s fall time and almost winter, you need to give your midi skirt that fall-friendly look and the easiest way to go about that, of course, is to wear in colors that about during this time of the year: deep, dark hues.

dark pleated midi purple satin midi


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