Ways to Wear a Graphic Shirt

Graphic shirts are a fun ways to add lots of cool and quirky details to your outfit. Most people think graphic shirts only mean those band shirts you get at rock concerts and the like but graphic shirts are actually shirts with any kinds of (non pattern) print on them, from statement texts to cartoons to anything and everything else you could think of putting on to a shirt for design. This summer, expect to see graphic tees everywhere. They’re one of the staples that a lot of fashionistas can’t get enough of for creating cute, casual and street style looks. If you’d like to sport graphic tees yourself, check out these fun ways to wear a graphic shirt.

  • Cute and casual – one easy way to wear graphic tees is to simply wear it with your favorite pair of jeans to create a cute and casual look that you can wear anytime at any day. This outfit combination is a bit plain and simple so make sure you don’t forget to accessorize with chunky jewelry or a cool purse or maybe even some kick ass shoes. Speaking of shoes, choose shoes that would go well with the look you’re going after. If you want it to look a bit girly but also edge at the same time, try strappy leather heels. Sneakers are great if you want to keep the casual vibe pure and moto boots are best for creating that bad girl look.

colored skinny and graphic shirt

graphic shirt and jeans

  • Cropped – think graphic shirts are a bit too boyish for your own personal sense of style? Why not give it a sexy and girly twist by wearing your graphic shirt cropped? It’s a great way to stay cool on a hot summer day and it’s a nice way to show off those abs, too (I know you didn’t work on those for nothing)! You can crop a regular graphic shirt that you already own or buy one that’s cropped to add to your collection from your favorite stores.

sexy cropped shirt cropped graphic shirt

  • Punkish / rock and roll – feeling cool and edgy today? Let it show through your outfit by mixing and matching your graphic shirt with leather pieces like leather pants or, if the weather permits, a leather jacket. Finish off your look with a pair of leather boots – the more beat up they look, the more bad ass your outfit gets – and you’re ready to head on out the door. This look may not be very ideal for summer as leather is a fabric that often feels really hot and uncomfortable so maybe reserve the idea for your fall / winter look?

leather jacket and shirt leather and graphic shirt

  • Girly and edgy – torn between doing a girly look and an edgy look? There’s really no need to stress over which style to pick because you can do both at the same time! Wear a cool graphic shirt with a cutesy skirt and your problem is solved! This outfit idea is perfect if you want a perfectly balanced sweet and kick ass outfit. Let your girly side dominate by finishing up with heels or keep the look cool and casual by opting for sneakers or boots instead.

printed skirt and graphic shirt skirt and graphic shirt


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