Ways to Wear a Denim Skirt

Denim skirts are a great addition to your summer wardrobe if you’re looking for something fun and unique. It has that nice 90s ring to it that it almost nostalgic in a big but beautiful way. Denim skirts are super versatile and I love that they can work with just about any style or look. If you’re excited for the comeback of this beauty, check out these awesome ways to wear a denim skirt on the list below.

  • MINI – a denim skirt is a must have in any girl’s closet if you’ve got gorgeous legs for days that you want to show off. Pair it up with heels or lace up sandals for a sexy summery look or finish off your look with sneakers for more of that relaxed and laidback look and feel.

miniskirt and lace up shoes

miniskirt by alexa chung

  • OVERALLS – want to give a unique spin to the regular denim overalls? How about opting for one with a skirt instead of shorts or pants? It’s a great way to add a girly twist to this utilitarian piece and also a great way to really go all out on that 90s look.

overalls with polka dot pattern overalls cute outfit in denim

  • PENCIL CUT – looking for a way to sneak in some denim to your everyday office outfit? If you’re down for it, you can try sporting a pencil cut denim skirt to work. This is perfect for days at the office that call for a casual attire and you want to get that easy, laidback look without going overboard or for when you just want something a little more figure hugging to show off those sexy curves.

pencil skirt with embroidery pencil skirt and denim shirt

  • FRAYED – love the rough and rugged look of boyfriend jeans but find them way to boyish for your liking? How about sporting a frayed and distressed denim skirt instead? Just like BF jeans, you can do this yourself with an old denim skirt if you’re on a budget as it is super easy and fun.

frayed denim skirt outfit distressed and frayed jeans

  • HIGH WAISTED – high waisted denim skirts are perfect if you still haven’t found the perfect denim skirt style for your body. It’s universally flattering and also very chic plus it’s really easy to style, too, as it goes well with just about any top. It also has just a subtle hint of that 90s vibe to it which is great for spicing up your style.

high waisted denim skirt and belt high waisted denim skirt and shirt

  • DENIM SKATER SKIRT – if you’re looking for the perfect denim skirt for that first date, how about a denim skater skirt? It’s perfect for creating that cutesy, girly look without looking like you’re trying too hard.

skater skirt in denim skater skirt style


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