Trend Report: Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

Next month is September which means it will officially be the start of fall soon! The season of orange trees and pumpkin spice lattes. Of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Of amazing layered outfits and dark muted colors that I personally love.

The Fall 2016 collections were already out some months ago and we have scoured the many collections for what will be the most popular and trending for this upcoming season. Below are some of the top fashion trends for this coming fall 2016.

Muted Orange

I mentioned above about orange trees and pumpkin spice lattes in fall. These may be the inspirations designers had for their own collections because muted orange was ubiquitous during the fall 2016 shows. And it’s a great thing, too, because muted orange is flattering for any complexion. Not only that. This shade of orange is also pretty versatile and can be worn with almost any color—from pink to dark blue. But to get into the autumn vibes, I highly suggest pairing it with its fellow muted shades as well as dark, neutral colors.muted orange printed top

muted orange coatShearling Jackets

Simple moto jackets has definitely taken the fashion world by storm which is why very few take notice of other kinds of jackets. Well, until recently. Bombers had erupted into the fashion scene last spring and I think it is high time for the shearlings. You can go completely classic with brown or black leather or you can go a bit daring, trying out designers’ clever ways of wearing shearlings such as in denim or other vibrant colors.denim shearling jacketclassic brown shearling jacket

Lowkey Plaid

Plaid and checks always have their very own special place in the fall fashion season. But for this year, designers are thinking of making them lowkey and more muted. So instead of the vibrant polychrome tartans, this autumn we’ll be seeing more sophisticated two-colored checks and really dark plaid.plaid peplum top plaid coat

Fur and Velvet

Autumn is the start of the colder, longer nights and it is also the time for heavier and thicker fabrics. Enter fur and velvet. Two gorgeous textiles that are much loved for the unique textures they offer. They fit really well in the colder seasons. Whether you will be going for faux or real fur, as long as you have fur, you can already be fall ready. Whereas for velvet, it’s a more sophisticated-looking fabric that is great for evening formal fur vest velvet coat

Turtleneck Under Dress

I personally love this outfit combo. Not only does it has that old-school, eighties conservative look, but the turtleneck and dress outfit combination is a great excuse to wear those spaghetti-strapped slips and shift dresses in colder seasons. Yay for transitional outfits!turtleneck and floral dress turtleneck and dress


This one’s for the working ladies out there. As well as to those who need a trending outfit to wear for a formal meeting this fall. Go for bold pantsuits and channel Clueless with a matching blazer and mini skirt or mini skirt suits! Pantsuits will be gone from the trends when denim is. It’s that timeless. However, to spice up your reliable suit you want to go for bold colors or prints. Meanwhile, mini skirt suits are ideal for looking feminine but also sending signals that you are not one to be messed with.pant suit mini skirt suit

Pink and Yellow

This is a color combination that we would expect to see in a spring collection. So this is a great, unexpected surprise! But in order for you to achieve that fall feel in this color combo, you want to do two things: first, keep the colors as muted as possible. I highly suggest going for dusty pink or darker shade of blush and pair it with a dark yellow, something that’s getting closer to orange. Secondly, pick clothings that are for autumn or the colder seasons. Think sweaters and jackets and heavy cloths.blush and yellow outfit Ashley Olsen blush and yellow outfit

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