Tips for Copying Lauren Conrad’s Style

When it comes to stylish young celebs, we all know Lauren Conrad is one of the best. I first saw Lauren Conrad on the show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and from there I just couldn’t get enough of her style. I mean, it wasn’t as snazzy as it is today but you could see how she put outfits together than any girl would die to wear. Like most celebs, Lauren has a full line of clothing available at Kohl’s and various online stores but what makes me really trust in her line is the fact that she does have a background (and education) in the fashion industry. She didn’t just slap her name on to some clothes and sell them off. If you love Lauren Conrad’s style as much as I do, check out these tips for copying Lauren Conrad’s style.

  • One print at a time – hot as the print on print trend may be, it’s not something you’ll want to pull off while trying to get Lauren Conrad’s style. Her style tends to lean more on the minimalist side and while she does wear a lot of print, she wears them one at a time, never all at once. Most of the prints she wear are simple too – floral prints, animal prints and stripes. You’d rarely see her sport something crazy and bold. Often, too, these prints are anchored to neutral colors pieces.

simple printed skirt and black top

printed top and white pants

  • Wear a belt with dresses – so not everyone is blessed with an hourglass figure, no big deal. You can always fake the look anyway just like what Lauren Conrad does. If you’re a girly girl, I’m pretty sure you love wearing dresses. If you don’t have an hourglass figure, just cinch your waist with a cute little belt to get the illusion of having an hourglass figure.

dress and belt peach and black

  • Wear braids – if you’ve noticed, Lauren Conrad’s style is very dainty and feminine and she almost always has braids on. Braids just add that nice romantic touch to your look. You can wear your hair in a full braid or have tiny ones incorporated into other hairstyles. You can also sport mini braids with your hair down if you want something a bit more casual with a flirty touch.

waterfall braid LC messy side braid

  • Loose tops with skinny pants – looking for a quick outfit combo that’s sure to look good? Take a hint from Lauren Conrad and mix and match your loose tops with skinny pants. You can do this outfit idea with leggings, too, as long as you make sure that your tops is long and loose enough to cover what has to be covered up.

loose top skinny jeans dainty chic outfit

  • Casual chic – for casual outfits, Lauren is never sloppy even when she has to wear shorts. In fact, her casual outfits are so chic you could wear them to fancy places. You want to know her secret? Instead of wearing denim shorts, wear dressy shorts instead. Don’t forget to pair them up with cute and gorgeous tops, too, and finish your outfit off with a pair of classic pumps or flirty flats.

dressy shorts and sheer top polka dot shorts


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