Tips for Chic School Girl Style Fashion

Pulling off the school girl look can be really challenging but it’s totally worth it since it makes you look younger by a few years. There are, however, certain things you should remember when pulling off this look. Number one being that you just want to create a look ‘inspired’ by the school girl uniform. You don’t want to be mistaken for an actual school girl so actual school patches and badges are a no-no. Another thing you want to remember is that you want to keep the look appropriate meaning you don’t want to look anything like those uber-sexy school girl wannabes in their micro minis and sexy hosiery. Keep it decent and cute so that you don’t end up with a trashy outfit. Here are some more tips for chic school girl style fashion.

  • GO FOR MATCHING BLAZER AND SKIRT SUITS – if you really want to nail that school girl look down to a T, go for a matching set of a skirt and a blazer for your look. This will give you the usual look of a uniform. You can also go over the top with this and sew on a patch / badge on your blazer but make sure it’s not anything from a real school. There are lots of patches that look like school crests / emblems that aren’t really that you can buy from DIY stores and you could use those instead. If you can’t get your hands on a matching set, you can just mix and match.

matching blazer and skirt set

black and gray school girl outfit casual take on the school girl look

  • EMBRACE THE A-LINE SILHOUETTE – going for the traditional school girl look? Embracing the A-line silhouette is going to help you with just that. An A-line skirt is what you would usually see on girls as their school girl uniform and it’s usually at midi length so if you want to look the school girl part, go for an A-line skirt.

blazer and skirt set basic school girl look sweater and skirt

  • TRY A SIMPLER TAKE ON THE LOOK – don’t want to go for a full on school girl uniform outfit? You can simplify the look by creating an outfit with a simple and plain white long sleeved button up shirt and a skirt. Skip the blazer and everything else – just these two will give your outfit a huge school girl vibe without going over the top. You can also go for a varsity jacket with jeans for a casual look.

pleated skirt white shirt navy skirt and white shirt simplified  school girl look plaid skirt and bow tie

  • GIVE IT A GROWN UP VIBE – you don’t want to be mistaken for an actual school girl, now, do you? Give your school girl look a more grown up vibe by wearing heels instead of Mary Jane flats, by opting for a cute tote instead of a backpack or by going for more colors in your look instead of sticking to a theme like a school uniform would.

black a line skirt mature school girl look grown up school girl look colorful schoolgirl inspired outfit

  • DON’T FORGET THE LITTLE DETAILS – most of the time, it’s the little details that really make up the look and for the school girl outfit, it’s things like knee high socks, bow ties, some plaid print here and there and your choice of purse and shoes.

blair waldorf school girl style school girl chic school girl outfit with boots cute and simple school girl look

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