The Body Shop Lotus & Frangipani Flower Bathing Milk review

Hi girls! Here is my Review of The Body Shop Lotus & Frangipani Flower Bathing Milk :

The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Polynesia range includes a wonderful product called the Lotus & Frangipani Flower Bathing Milk. I was very much a fan of the old Spa Wisdom Dreamboat Milk Bath and was glad to see a similar product released in the re-vamped range.

There are two things I want when taking a nice relaxing bath –

Read on to see my thoughts on this product…

The Body Shop Lotus & Frangipani Flower Bathing Milk review

1. Most importantly – a nice, relaxing scent! I don’t do plain, unscented baths as I think the fragrance is the best bit!

2. A formulation that isn’t going to dry out my skin or leave me feeling itchy after I’ve hopped out of my bath.

Bubbles are optional but always welcome 😉

This product delivers on all of those points. The scent is AMAZING! A heady mix of tropical flowers is my idea of heaven, Frangipani reminds me so strongly of happy memories holidaying in Hawaii with my man so i do love their scent. In a nutshell, the Lotus and Frangipani scent is exactly what I envisage when I imagine being on a tropical holiday.

Secondly, the formulation is very nourishing due to the inclusion of The Body Shop’s Community Trade Coconut Oil. The formulation also includes honey which is fantastic for dry skins. This product foams up well but doesn’t feel like you’re bathing in hand soap. It’s definitely a rich, creamy foam and it feels very luxurious.

The other thing I love about this product is that it’s actually quite economical. The price of $28,.95AUD might seem a little hefty but a little goes a long way with this stuff! Unlike my other favourite bath time buddies (Lush Bath Ballistics and Bubble Bars) you get more than a few uses out of the bottle and thus, on a cost per use basis it’s great value.

This is a 5 star product rave from me, I love it and will continue to enjoy my lovely tropical baths through the summer 🙂