The Best Bottoms for Petites

Do you have a short stature? Even if you can’t reach the kitchen cupboard, you don’t have to worry. You can still wear bottoms as well as your tall BFF. Create the illusion of a longer frame with the best bottoms for petites, starting with:


The wrong length or style can make you look frumpier. When it comes to the best bottoms for petites, choose shorts with a high waist. Also go for styles with structured silhouettes. Contrary to popular beliefs, you can pull out printed shorts. Just make sure to choose minute, subtle designs as big prints can overwhelm your minute frame.

scarlett high waisted shorts

eva longoria structured shorts high waisted shorts

Cropped Pants

For tall ladies, cropped pants usually end in between the knees and the thighs. But if you are petite, chances are it will terminate at your ankles. Now this is actually a good thing, as you don’t need to make alterations to get the perfect-fitting pants. But if you want to get the look of cropped pants, all you just need to do is fold the ends in and show more of your ankles. With these bottoms for petites, you can get the look of full-length pants and crops whenever the situation calls for it.

red cropped pants black cropped pants black crop pants


Culottes tend to have loose, flowy ends, and they can easily overwhelm your tiny frame. Although this is the case, you can wear culottes and not get lost in it. The key is to choose the right bottoms for petites. Select styles with slimmer ends that end by the ankle – even higher. As for the top, a crop top or a tank top would do. Since culottes are naturally loose, choose tops that are snugger/tighter. Remember, fashion is all about balance: pairing loose garments with tight ones.

miroslava duma culottes black culottes printed culottes


Skorts might be a thing of summer, but you can wear it during autumn as well! When it comes to skorts or bottoms for petites, choose styles with asymmetrical ends. Avoid those with straight-cut hemlines as they tend to cut off at the thighs, disrupting the lengthening look that actually makes you look taller. Wear your skorts with cute tights for an autumn-ready outfit.

floral skorts white skorts printed skorts

Maxi Skirt

A maxi skirt might be a part of your summer ensemble, but you can utilize it during the warmer days of fall as well. You can make these bottoms for petites work simply by wearing it with a crop top. Avoid anything longer or looser as it can eat you up. You want to look slimmer in a maxi, not chubbier!

maxi skirt outfit black maxi skirt black maxi skirt outfit

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