The 4 Tricks To Make Your Old Clothes Look New

We’ve talked about the latest and hottest trends, narrowing down from those that will be trending for a long time, for a year, and even for the current season. We can’t help it, really. Knowing and being on trend is something that makes us move with purpose and we get hung up on it easily.

But we also can’t help if, at one point or another, we look at our closets, shuffle through the hanged clothes, and think, “Nope. Boring.”

But see, you don’t have to buy new clothes to create a new look. Style isn’t something you can buy—it’s free. And a new look can be made from an array of old clothes. It’s all about how you put the overall look together.

Below I’ve got 4 quick fashion hacks that you can try to make your old clothes look new again.

  • Layering The Dress. Your favorite dress may have been around for years, being a strong fashion confidante and a reliable piece of clothing. But for those long years of sartorial service, it’s possible your dress will grow stale. My suggestion? Layer it. There are many ways to layer a dress. Sleeveless shift dresses will have a new, preppy look when you layer a shirt underneath or, for something more sophisticated, over it.sweater over dress
    dress over shirt
    If you have those dresses that zips or buttons down in front and it’s too short on you already, you can recreate it into a perfect outerwear. A zip- or button-down dress made of cotton or other lightweight is excellent for a summer layered outfit because then you won’t break out a sweat.shirtdress as outerwear long vest
  • Cuff the pants. Your pants may just cover that statement shoes you’re wearing and you don’t want that. So you fold the hems inside ‘discretely’ in an I-look-like-I-didn’t-fold-my-pants-but-I-did way. I say, embrace the cuffs. For skinny or straight-cut jeans, one fold out is enough. A rolled cuff is better in boyfriend jeans or any other loose trousers.cuffed skinny jeans rolled boyfriend jeans
  • Do something with your top. Don’t worry, we won’t place a pair of scissors anywhere near your hands. And there definitely won’t be any sewing and revamping involved. What I want you to do with your shirt is only three things: top it off, tie it, or tuck it. Top it over a dress and tying the shirt by the waist will create an illusion of a skirt, separate from the top half.waist-tied shirt over dress waist-tied shirt
    Tucking the shirt in can work wonders in an outfit. Basically, change the entire feel to it. Tucked in completely works well if you’re aiming a neat look. Half-tuck makes for a partially polished, partially carefree finish.half-tuck button down shirt
  • Counterbalance the old and ratty. If you’re worried tears and frays will look inappropriate, stop. Ragged and unkempt is now the new face of 21st century sophistication. As long as you know how to counterbalance.
    Take any one old and distressed piece of clothing from the depths of your closet; this can be anything from ripped jeans or faded shirts. And then, counter it with something sleek and obviously new. A tailored blazer draped over your shoulders, a pair of well-fit trousers, a structured bag. And believe me, your ragged clothes will feel like it belonged in that outfit.loose shirt and tailored trousers belted ripped jeans and blazer

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