Stylish Ways to Wear Maxi Skirts

Voluminous, sophisticated, and chic, maxi skirts are great staples to stay cool and comfortable whether you’re on travel, vacation, work, or even on the beach. When it comes to wearing maxi skirts stylishly, it’s all about balancing the volume of the skirt with structured and tailored lines. Take a look at the following tricks to wear these stylish skirts with a little bit more polish.

fitted top with striped maxi skirt

striped shirt with flowy skirt and gladiators striped top with chic maxi skirt

When picking for maxi skirts, take note that the texture of the fabric will affect the suitability of the skirt for your figure type, so try on different fabrics that look best or drape well on you. The fit of the skirt determines the style of the top you’ll choose. If the style doesn’t match, the overall look can be sloppy and dowdy. For instance, loose and flowing skirts tend to look best when the top fits well, as this balance the proportions and the untamed effect of your skirt. If your top is long enough, decide whether to tuck it in or let it sit over the skirt.

crop top with maxi skirt sexy off shoulder top with maxi skirt tank top with tulle skirt

Whatever you’re wearing on top, make sure you define your waist, whether it’s with a belt, tucking in, or tying up your shirt to avoid the dreaded “paper bag” syndrome. But for a quick fix, opt for a sexy crop top that can make your style flattering and cool while baring some skin. Letting a bit of your middle peek through shows off your figure and ensures your waist is still defined. Also, cropped tops lengthen your body so long it stops at your natural waistline. If you always feel “stumpy” when wearing maxis, try one that has a slit at the leg, which often can feel less restricting and elongate the legs.

feminine blouse with maxi skirt feminine outfit with cute bag feminine top with silk skirt sexy blouse with slit skirt velvet top with maxi skirt

For skirts that fit tightly, looser tops make an ideal contrast. Nevertheless, if you want to channel your feminine vibe, you may wear loose silhouettes on your top and bottom, but keep them balanced and in harmony with each other. You may go in monochrome or matching colors that can be very elegant and playful. Also, patterned skirt works best with a solid color top. Keep the interest on your style by highlighting unique structures on your outfit like frills, ruffles, asymmetrical cuts, modern forms and such.

casual top and vest with maxi skirt casual top with maxi skirt chambray skirt with maxi skirt sweater with maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are great for dressing up your casual tops like chambray shirts, sweaters, basic tees, tank tops, graphic tees, button-down blouses, and even collared shirt. Slouchy tops like an oversized sweater can look good with a maxi skirt, but be creative on styling your top whether by adding a belt, letting it hang loose, or tucking it in.

leather jacket with maxi skirt structured jacket with maxi skirt coat with maxi skirt all black outfit

Layered tops work well for taller figures so be careful piling on your outerwear if you’re petite as it may only swamp your frame. Leaving the outer layers unbuttoned can be a good look, as the top of the skirt will be easy to see. You may also add a leather jacket for an edgy twist that instantly makes a statement. For a polished look, you can’t go past a tailored blazer. Just go for cropped styles to balance out the length of the maxi skirt.

statement top with maxi skirt sequin top with maxi skirt fur sweater with maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are also great ensembles to pair with a statement-making top. Just go for a sophisticated, flirty, or glittery top and wear your favorite maxiskirt for a party outfit. Sequin tops, fringed blouses, fur tops, metallic sweaters, tweed blazers and such are great for adding that glamorous vibe to your looks.

When it comes to wearing maxi skirts in a more polished and stylish way, it’s all about balancing the proportions while keeping the relaxed nature of the skirt. Indeed, maxi skirts are the perfect staple to show off your feminine vibe in casual chic ways.




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