Stylish Ways to Wear Khaki Color

What color is “khaki”? Traditionally, “khaki” is considered to be a dull brownish-yellow color that suits its Hindi word that means ‘dusty’ or ‘dust’. But in fashion terms, this generally refers to the colors used for military uniforms such as light khaki, khaki, dark khaki or olive-green. Khaki shades became known in the 19th century when British soldiers dye their uniforms in tea, curry powder, and mud to blend in with landscapes. Nowadays, “khaki” is a term interchangeably used to describe a color, military uniforms, and even a style of clothing.

Since khaki colors provide a wide range of versatility when it comes to clothing, it can be teamed easily with other pieces and fabrics for fashionable styles. Have a read on how to dress in khaki shades for your chic style.

Light khaki
khaki coat with yellow skirt

khaki skirt light khaki pairs light khaki skirt
While every color goes with light khaki, it goes perfectly with floral tones such as light blues, forest greens, yellows, oranges, and other neutrals like tans. On the contrary, your light khaki outfits will need a dark color to keep you from looking like you’re about to float away, so you might possibly wear a bit of black, dark brown, navy, and dark khaki if your attire is mainly light khaki.

khaki colored jacket with tonal printskhaki coat khaki pants with dark colored top and black boots khaki with stripes

Khaki is an offbeat color that will blend in almost everything in your closet. Create an understated look by wearing khaki with other neutral tones. Pair a khaki shade garment with stripes for an effortless laid-back look. Khaki can also blend well with black and dark khaki although balancing the proportions is tricky. If you do choose for this style, use a single color to highlight the other or incorporate a third color that harmonizes with both. If you prefer a softer look, pair the khaki with a black-brown color. More than that, you could wear khaki color with soft pastel shades, vivid and bright colors, and rich jewel tones shades.

Dark Khaki or Olive Green
dark khaki formal coat dark khaki green bottom dark khaki semi formal dark khaki with leather trousers

Dark khaki is more figure complementing than light khaki because being such a light color, light khaki can show off a lot of figure flaws. With olive or dark khaki, the color is richer and darker in shade, so these body flaws aren’t noticeable. Every version of khaki goes with denim, but here are some of the colors that fashion designers have been featuring with khaki such as black, navy, white, and metallic shades. One of the most innovative tricks to wear dark khaki is to treat it as a neutral where you can blend it freely with vivid or catching patterns. Dark khaki may have a military connotation to it, but that does not suggest all the patterns and designs have to be masculine. In fact, nothing looks more flattering than a feminine design such as one with ruffles, ribbons, sheer, and tiers. Dressy shorts and skirts are one of the best silhouettes that serve as a neutral base for just about any top. Other styles to try in dark khaki include slim cargo pants and long skirts.

Overall Khaki or Camouflage Style
overall khaki solid colors camo jacket camo dress

Whether you want to go full-on military with an army coat or just go for a camouflage feeling with details, the impact is sharp and clean. The camouflage print is noted in this style – something rude and at the same time stylish. The most vital thing about military fashion is keeping the balance and the harmony of the details. Military shades such as light khaki, khaki, or dark khaki are mixed together in camouflage prints or monochromatic shades. Teaming these tones with some other catchier and richer shades is not really encouraged, though boldness in your style is always welcome if you prefer to.

It’s time to wear khaki colors in a creative and outstanding way! And create styles that do make the heads turn!

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