Stylish Ways to Wear a Blazer Outside Work

Blazers are great for polishing up your outfit to make it more suitable for work. You can throw it on top of a simple tank top and jeans outfit and it instantly becomes more of a business casual kind of outfit that you can wear on days when you’re allowed to dress down at the office. Aside from it being a staple in your office outfits, though, what else can you do with a blazer? Here are some stylish ways to wear a blazer outside work so you can get the most wear out of these chic pieces.

  • On top of crop tops – not feeling too confident about having the whole world see your bare midriffs? Don’t let that stop you from wearing a crop top. Just throw on a blazer on top of your crop top to cover up your midriff. You can take off your blazer later on when you’ve worked up enough courage to show some more skin.

black and white crop top and blazer

jazzy crop top and blazer outfit sequin blazer and black crop top

  • As an alternative beach cover up – if you’re hitting the beach and you want to stand out and look really cute and unique, ditch the generic beach cover up from Victoria’s Secret or Forever 21, I’m pretty sure you’ll bump into at least one another person wearing the same thing. Instead, take a cute blazer, bright or printed preferred, and use it to top off your bikini / swimsuit. It’s perfect for just lounging around the beach when you don’t want to take a dip.

striped blazer and orange bikini blazer cover up

  • With shorts – you don’t have to give up wearing shorts if you’re looking for a way to up your street style game and polish it up a little bit. All you really have to do is throw on whatever top you want with your favorite pair of shorts and then top off your outfit with a nice blazer. It’s not exactly office-worthy but it’s definitely not all too casual and street style at all as well.

leather shorts and blazer blazer and sequin shorts white blazer denim shorts

  • Wear it with a romper – need a quick and easy yet oh-so-stylish outfit for a date? Whether it’s a daytime date or a dinner date with your man, one foolproof outfit combo is to wear a romper with a blazer on top. Wearing a blazer on top of your romper gives your outfit much sophistication and it makes you look more well put together.

coral and blue outfit kourtney kardashian romper black and pink romper and blazer outfit chic minimalistic outfit

  • On top of a mini dress – ever wanted to wear something so slinky and small to a party but couldn’t because you had to take the subway and you didn’t want people to shoot you odd looks? Well, here’s a simple solution to that: wear a blazer on top of your mini dress to keep it on the down low so you don’t draw too much attention to yourself while commuting. Just take it off once you arrive at the party and you’ll still have something to keep your warm afterwards.

red mini dress outfit mini dress and gray blazer mini dress and blazer


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