Stylish and Influential Women to Look Up to

In this day and age, being Plain Jane is not something that a lot of women aspire for anymore. Women today would rather be something more powerful, dominant and useful to the society. I think it’s great that stars and celebrities are not just plain pretty faces but are symbols of independence and empowerment for other women, too. Here are some of the most stylish and influential women to look up to.

  • EMMA WATSON – Emma is a great role model for all the young ladies who have followed her since her rise to stardom as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. Today, Emma is spearheading advocacies for women left and right and is also supporting other worthy causes. As far as style goes, I love that she always dresses smart but still manages to make it age-appropriate.

emma watson black and white outfit

emma watson

  • KARLIE KLOSS – Victoria’s Secret Angel Karlie Kloss made the news headlines a while back when she gave up her wings to pursue her education and I think that’s a pretty awesome thing any woman can do for herself and an even more awesome way to empower and inspire women. Karlie’s style off duty is very chic, casual and relaxed. Her street style outfits are always on point, too.

karlie kloss karlie kloss all white

  • ANGELINA JOLIE – ah, the lady who has it all. Angelina supports many causes, foundations, organizations and advocacies and she has showed the world how women can be strong, independent and all and still be a great wife and an amazing mom. Angie’s style is very elegant and sophisticated – a perfect style icon for all the classy ladies out there.

angelina jolie glam angelina jolie

  • BEYONCE – she ain’t the Queen for nothing. Beyonce is one of the most influential women in Hollywood and undoubtedly one of the most stylish, too. Her music videos are always filled with fashion inspiration and her looks – from the red carpet to date nights with the hubby Jay-Z – are always ultra chic.

beyonve beyonce summer look

  • AMAL CLOONEY – a lot of people knew Amal Clooney as one of the strongest, most empowered and inspiring women even before she married Mr. Clooney. She is one of the best power dressers in fashion as well.

amal clooney amal clooney street style

  • TAYLOR SWIFT – anyone who likes good music and fab style is surely a fan of Taylor. Aside from being such a talented lass, Taylor is also one of the many women in Hollywood who are changing the world with one little act of kindness at a time. Tay’s style is fresh, young and hip but it’s also very chic and sophisticated and, at times, she even pulls off being the queen of retro.

taylor swift taylor swift casual take on lbd

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