Primark False Nails Review

On another shopping trip (yes, another one) I picked up these spotty false nails, which are gorgeous. I’ve had some time off work recently because my friend from America has been over for a while so I’ve had the chance to wear some false nails. I initially picked them up because I love the design; I’ve stopped going anywhere near polishes etc because of not having much time to wear them but because they were bright red with white polka dots I couldn’t resist not having them! They cost a measly £1, so it really wasn’t much of a loss for if they were rubbish.

Primark False Nails Review

Primark False Nails

The kit included 24 different sized nails, and a tube of nail glue. I used the glue just to test it out. The nails stayed on for a good 2 days which I thought was pretty good considering the price. I then re-applied another day using a real high strength salon nail glue and they stayed on for just over a week – so not bad at all (apart from two – nothing a quick bit of glue couldn’t fix though!). I really think I’m going to buy more of these for when I have a few days off at a time, they look so natural, just like polish on the nails which is nice that they don’t look fake. They also fit pretty well, I’d like to say I have average sized nails? Who knows! There are plenty of different sized included in the pack so they’re bound to suit everyone.
One bad thing I would say about these nails is that after around three days on my nails the spots did start to fade but I suppose I can’t really class this as a bad thing. I didn’t expect almost anything from these nails so for them to turn out to not be bad is a bit of a bonus. Even when the spots have kind of worn off they don’t look bad – I suppose they add to the effect! Bonus. Two different nail designs in one. If you’re looking for some pretty nails for a short amount of time but at a cheap price then these may be the ones for you. I can’t really fault them at all. You can’t get a lot else for a pound can you?!

Primark False Nails2

(Photo above: after 5 days).


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