Pool Party Wear Tips

Summer is the best time for frolicking under the sun. With that being said, you might expect a few pool party invitations here and there. However, it does not matter if you only have one bikini (though that’s impossible) as you can create several glamorous looks with these pool party wear tips.

Slip on a Skirt

If you plan on wading in the water for the entirety of the party, then it would be useless to wear a jumpsuit or anything that would take some time to get on and off. So if you want easy access to the water, then slip on a fashionable maxi skirt. With these easy pool party wear tips, you can swim and look chic – whenever you want to.

bandeau top and maxi skirt

bikini top and white skirt

Dazzle in a Dress

If you are not really comfortable about exposing your torso – or if you just want to be covered most of the time – then follow these pool party wear tips and grace the bash in a lightweight dress. You want a frock that dries easily, lest you want fabric clinging all over you in an unfashionable way. Further dazzle the people by styling your outfit with a straw hat and a unique pair of sunnies.

white dress green dress

Charm in Crochet

When it comes to pool party wear tips, it is best if you can surprise the world in effortless style. So if you want to turn some heads during the event, then make sure to wear a crochet stunner. It could be a mini dress just like what the Victoria’s Secret models below have worn.

crochet dresses white crochet dresses

It can also be as simple as a topper – as you can take it on as easily as you can take it off.

crochet topper

Show that Shoulder

If you feel that your body is not summer-ready enough, you can still shed some sexy vibe by wearing an off-shoulder top. In fact, depending on the construct of your top (neoprene or spandex,) you can even treat it as an alternative for the usual bikini top. Pair it with a vibrant mini skirt or sexy short for a pool party look that is unlike any other.

off shoulder top white off shoulder top

Kimono + Shorts = Perfection

There are many pool party wear tips out there, but if you want to remain chic yet laidback all at the same time, then wear a kimono and a cute pair of shorts. This equation is really simple, but you can add some pizzazz with the right mix of accessories and baubles.

kimono with shorts kimono and shorts outfit

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