Petite Style Inspiration in the Colder Months with Amy Spencer

Colder months may be a challenge for petite women to dress up as it may mean wearing bulky layers and clunky boots just to keep you warm. The mind behind the Little Magpie blog, Amy Spencer is a fashion blogger from Scotland known for her effortlessly urban style that may inspire all petite women to look great.

Resort to over-the-knee boots to elongate your leg line.

over the knee boots with denim dress

chunky sweater dress with over the knee boots

One way to elongate your legs is to resort for over the knee boots that can make you look sexy and chic, even in the colder seasons. Like Amy, think of wearing your over-the-knee boots with your sexy dresses and skirts, making them appropriate in the colder months. This way, you’ll look less bulky while extending your warm-weather clothes in the colder seasons.

Wear a matching top and bottom.

all black outfit with navy coat matching set with leather jacket gray coat with all black outfit

If you’re not a fan of monochromatic dressing, think of matching the color of your top with your bottom piece before topping another color on your outerwear. This way, you’ll elongate your frame strategically. Just in case you wish to wear printed matching set, always use prints with caution. Print on print is trendy, but when you’re petite you have to consider print size. If a large floral design will be too overwhelming for you, and a small scale one can look clown-y, downscale the print so it looks proportionate to your body. If you opt for a dramatic print or pattern just pair it with a top or bottom that is simple in color, shape and style in order to balance out your outfit like Amy did.

Keep a good proportion on your outfits.

white dress with fur coat and jeans white fur coat with skinny jeans fur coat with jeans

The challenge is to understand your body shape first and then work with what you have. You should be aware of how things fall on your body such as a hem, waistline, sleeves and neckline. Remember, the wrong length or shape of any of your outfit can throw off your proportions. Since you’re petite, you’re aiming for a long and lean silhouette. You also want to define your waist and draw the eyes upward so look for separates with a high waist. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear a long skirt or long dress. Just make sure that it doesn’t hit you at mid-calf, which can cut off the look of your silhouette.

Invest in tailoring.

tailored blazer with skinny jeans structured coat with structured bag cozy scarf with casual chic outfit

Regardless how expensive your clothes are, it’s easy to look like you’re playing dress up if they don’t fit you properly. If you don’t have a lot of petite-specific options, when you buy ‘regular’ sized clothes, take it to a tailor to have them fit for you. It may take effort and may end up costing you more for that one item, but you’ll look great when it fits you properly. If something fits, you’ll end up wearing them for longer, and buy lesser clothes so it all equals out in the end. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to look great in the colder months regardless of your size.

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