How to Pick the Flattering Sunglasses for You

Sunglasses are one of the most stylish and functional accessories that will bring out your face’s best features. But if you feel overwhelmed on trying to find the right sunglasses for your face shape, remember that you don’t have to follow strict rules of thumb, though it may help you to pick the most flattering pair for you. Keep on reading for your guidelines on picking the perfect sunglasses whether you have that heart, round, oval, or square face.

Heart Face Shape

cat eye sunglasses for heart face shape

red sunglasses for heart face shape golden cat eye sunglasses for heart shape elegant sunglasses for heart shape classic sunglasses with checkered top and leather jacket classic sunglasses for heart face shape retro sunglasses for heart face shape

Defined by a widow’s peak, rounded at the forehead, and narrows into a pointed jaw, heart face shape must aim for sunglasses that draw the eye to the sides of your face. The best styles for you are cat-eye and retro square sunglasses. Cat shaped sunglasses can give a face an instant lift, but go for a subtle lift and don’t be too catty. If you have a very broad forehead and narrow jawline, cat shaped sunglasses will only broaden your forehead even more, making your chin look super sharp and disproportionately narrow.

Round Face Shape

bohemian necklace with tribal top and sunglasses tribal inspired necklace with off shoulder top and sunglasses square sunglasses for round face red sunglasses for round face rectangular sunglasses for round face classic sunglasses for round face shape cat eye sunglasses for round face

Characterized by a round jaw and cheekbones, the round face shape should go for a pair of sunglasses with more defined edges to balance its equally long and wide features. Retro square, cat-eye, and square sunglasses are perfect for you, so skip any super circular shaped glasses that will only emphasize your face. Making a statement with your sunglasses is fine, unless you take it too far. If you have a smaller and rounder face, don’t go for big sunglasses that are too wide for your head as it will only make your face disproportionally smaller.

Oval Face Shape

aviator sunglasses for oval face prada sunglasse for oval face oval face shape in golden aviator sunglasses chic sunglasses for oval face chic aviator sunglasses for oval face shape blue sunglasses for oval face shape

The most ideal face shape, which is rounded and wider at the top than the bottom, oval-face shape women can definitely play around with multiple types of lenses. Retro square, aviator, and oversized sunglasses are perfect for you. Unlike regular eyeglasses that look better when they don’t sit higher than your eyebrows you can definitely have some more fun with sunglasses and go for oversized styles. However, avoid the dreaded cheek droop and watch those double eyebrows. It is still important that your sunglasses don’t go too high onto your forehead. If they sit too low and wide on your cheeks, your face will look droopy so go for ones that don’t sit lower than the widest part of your nose.

Square Face Shape

angular-sunglasses-for-square-face white-sunglasses-for-square-face tinted-aviator-sunglasses-for-square-face square sunglasses for square face rounded sunnies for square face classic outfit with sunglasses chic sunglasses for square face aviator-sunglasses-for-square-face

Defined by strong angles and prominent jawline, a square face shape may go for rounder frames to contrast the more defined edges of your face, though rectangular ones will also work if you wish to accentuate your angular features. Mimicking the shape of your face with your sunglasses shape will enhance your face shape. Round or aviator sunglasses will be great for you as it’s the opposite of your face shape.

Apart from our guidelines, be sure to know what works and doesn’t work for you so you’ll have the most flattering and complementing style of sunglasses to show off on the streets.

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