Pencil Me In

I don’t wear pencil skirts often; although I find them very feminine and flattering, they aren’t very comfortable to wear and walk in. I bought this skirt in hopes that it will make a sensible workwear investment since I’m going to be job-searching soon! I wonder if I’ll be employed in an environment where sequins are seen as suitable workwear… hmmm…



I spy an autumn leaf near my foot! Sadly, summer is coming to an end

IMG_2987 IMG_2972

I’m not sure horizontal stripes are very flattering for the midsection!



Wearing ASOS hobble hem pencil skirt, ASOS satin sleeve top, Kookai sequin jacket, Coco Rose flats

I’m slowly becoming more confident taking pictures outside. Natural lighting is just so much better than anything else – the key (for me) is to find somewhere quiet and relatively deserted or else it’s just far too embarrassing!

Thank you for all your kind comments, e-mails, encouragement, and insight into my existential crisis. Your words were really uplifting and inspiring, and it was good to know that I’m not the only one who has ‘existential crises’ sometimes – about blogging or about life in general!

P.S. I’m selling a pair of excellent-condition Vivienne Westwood flats on eBay – if you’re interested check it out!

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