NY Fashion Week Style Ideas for Spring

The recently-concluded New York Fashion Week Style Trends for Fall has indeed been stylishly memorable. Alongside the new trends are tasteful rehashes of the styles that have come and gone. Channel the NYFW fall look book by channeling its popular style trends to your springtime outfits.

It’s All About the Layers

New York Fashion Week style for autumn is about layering, and you could apply the same philosophy to your springtime attires. Take the cue from the looks of Zimmerman’s models and try layering a sleeveless dress over a turtleneck top. This style idea is more than glamorous, as it can also keep you warm throughout the cold spring days.

printed dress over turtleneck

dress over turtleneck

Another New York fashion week style to attempt is the layering of bold, statement necklaces over turtleneck tops. This detail – which was heavily seen on the Ralph Lauren runways – is a perfect accessorizing mantra for work and for play.

chain necklace and turtleneck top necklace over turtleneck

An additional layering technique to experiment with is the wearing of crop top over your crisp, dressy garments. Simple yet tasteful, it is one of the hippest New York fashion week style trends that you can take to the office.

crop top over button down crop top over white blouse

Belt it Out

Even if you don’t have a vest, you can look as if you have one simply by belting your scarf. This hot New York fashion week style trend – as exemplified by Donna Karan – is an easy and fuss-free way to upgrade the look of the common scarf.

olivia palermo belted scarf belted striped scarf

Another ingenious method to wear the chic New York fashion week style trends is to place your stole in a diagonal manner. Belt it up afterwards to create a tiny, hourglass shape.

red stole brown belted stole

Mix Soft with Hard

Mini skirts are often worn with stilettos and pumps. But if you want to break out of the box in true New York fashion week style, then wear yours with combat boots. This edgy pairing is a great way to unleash the girly-girl and the military maven in you.

mini skirt and combat boots leather skirt and combat boots

Another way to mix the soft elements with hard details is to wear a bandana on top of your evening dress. The ruggedness of the bandana can balance the glitz and delicateness of your formal dress.

bandana over dress

Make a Statement

Statement earrings, without a doubt, are timeless New York fashion week style trends. But if you want to stand out more, then wear just one statement earring (yes, you read that right!) Now, you don’t have to worry about misplacing your earrings because you can wear the other one by itself.

single statement earring single gold statement earring

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