Negin Mirsalehi: How to Create a Boxy and Structured Outfit

Playing with your outfit silhouettes is one of the stylish but tricky fashion styles to pull off. A boxy and structured outfit flatters both skinny and curvy woman that you may wish to go into. The Amsterdam-based Persian beauty, Negin Mirsalehi is known for her elegant yet laid-back personal style featuring boxy and structured outfits with a classic twist. If you wish to create a boxy and structured outfit, keep on reading to learn some tricks from her.

boxy sandals with casual chic outfit

structured bag and boots with metallic blazer and v neck top structured duffel bag with sport chic outfit urban outfit with structured bag

When opting for accessories opt for ones with boxy and structured styles like a pair of cut out boots, bags with sharp edges, rectangular-shaped sunglasses, boxy hats, lug sole sandals and such. Negin simply polished her metallic blazer and skinny jeans with a structured bag and cut-out boots, and added some edgy touch to her sporty-chic outfit with a structured duffel bag.

boxy jacket with boxy shorts boxy top with shorts and classic pumps structured culottes and crop top structured shirt dress with trendy footwear tunic with denim shorts and fedora hat

Boxy and structured outfits are usually those made from stiff fabrics as well as ones that were styles in shapeless and geometric structures. Like Negin, you may simply opt for culottes in stiff fabrics and pair it with a crop top for a boxier look. When selecting for dresses, you may skip those with fit-and-flare styles, body con style, ruffled styles and go for shift dresses in boxy cuts. Cut-out dresses, asymmetrical dresses, and geometric styled sleeves on dresses may be great as long as they don’t have gathers or drapery look. This way, you’ll channel your boxy and structured style in an effortless way.

boxy coat dress with knee high boots crop top with straight leg pants and structured bag layered outfit with boxy jacket metallic dress with structured coat and boots red shawl with coat and skinny jeans

Also, wearing your typical ensembles in a boxy and structured way can also work. Like Negin, you may opt for straight leg pants to match with your crop top instead of a flouncy skirt, and wear a structured jacket with your form-fitting dress. A boxy and structured look flatters you best especially when you’re curvy as it balances your figure through its edgy touches. So, this doesn’t mean throwing away your body con and flouncy ensembles as you can still style them in a boxy and structured way.

boxy metallic dress with chunky boots boxy top with shorts and chunky heels checkered coat with casual outfit halter top with skinny pants and heels

Wearing patterns with boxy designs like geometric prints, plaids, tartan, checks, stripes, and even color panel styles are great. Like Negin you may simply go for a checkered coat to match your simple outfit, or opt for a dress with geometric prints. Just polish your looks with coordinating accessories like Negin did. Strappy sandals, ankle strap shoes, chunky boots, and cut-out shoes are some of Negin’s picks that you may also go for to channel your desired boxy looks.

structured coat with black dress statement coat with heels denim jacket with casual outfit navy coat with chic outfit and ankle boots boxy military coat with edgy outfit

Boxy and structured outerwear usually depends on the stiff fabrics and creative cuts. Wool coats are typically more structured over trench coats and tailored blazers look boxier over knitted cardigans. So, like Negin, just top your feminine and flirty outfits like dresses and skirts with boxy jackets and structured coats to bring a more architectural and geometric look. Creating a boxy and structured look may be challenging, but they are one of the greatest fashion tricks you must be skilled of.

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