Must Have Pieces for a Preppy Fall Wardrobe

The preppy look and fall go together, hand in hand, pretty much like peanut butter and jelly. Though the preppy look works all year round, there’s just no better time to wear the look than fall. Depending on how girly you are or how girly you want your preppy fall look to be, you can choose from wearing a variety of bright colors anchored on to neutrals a la Blair Waldorf or you can choose to keep it all neutral with, maybe, a pop of bright color here and there just to keep the look from being boring and blah. Regardless of what your choice is, there are certain items you should have to achieve the look. Check out these must have pieces for a preppy fall wardrobe.

  • Collared shirts – collared shirts are one of the most basic things you’ll need for the preppy look in fall. These are going to be the foundation of some layered outfits but you can most definitely wear them on their own as well for some outfits. If you are to use these for layering, I would suggest going with a plain, solid color but if you plan on wearing it on its own then try to get something with a printed pattern on it, just to liven up the look a little bit.

city preppy look

knitted sweater and collared shirt classy preppy outfit

  • Checkered pieces – it may seem a little too stereotypical but wearing any checkered piece is key to getting that preppy look, especially during fall. You can choose from any kind of checkered pattern you want: tartan, plaid, gingham though the latter can have a bit of a summery vibe to it. Checkered patterns are great for adding more color to your look in a subtle way, too.

checkered skirt outfit checkered shirt and jeans checkered suit outfit

  • Tights – on days when you want to wear a skirt or a dress (or even shorts) and the temps outdoors just won’t allow it, you can keep your legs warm in tights. Aside from that, wearing tights underneath skirts and dresses also give your outfit a preppy look. Go with colorful tights if you want a fun look or keep it neutral for a more subdued and grown up look, it all depends on what outcome you want to achieve.

preppy skirt and tights outfit gilry preppy outfit tights under skirt

  • Skater skirt – if you’re not in the mood for jeans or if you simply want to look more feminine and girly, go for a skater skirt. A skater skirt is like a more grown up version of the school girl skirt. It has softer, more feminine pleats and the silhouette works great on most body types. Pair it up with a cool, preppy sweater and you have an easy everyday preppy look. Wear tights underneath, as suggested above, to keep your legs warm and to boost the preppy-ness of your look.

pink skater skirt sweater and skater skirt skater skirt cropped sweater

  • Mary Jane shoes – of course, boots are essential for fall but if you’re looking for a more preppy alternative then go for shoes that have the Mary Jane style. You can wear Mary Jane flats, Mary Jane heels or even Mary Jane wedges, it doesn’t really matter.

black mary jane shoes dress tights and mary jane shoes red mary jane shoes


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