Must-Have Items for a Bohemian Look

The bohemian look is a popular summer trend amongst celebrities and regular ladies alike. After all, its’ ‘devil may care’ aura befits everything about summer. If you are aspiring to channel the ultimate boho style (ala Olsen Twins and Vanessa Hudgens,) then make sure to invest in these bohemian look must-haves.

Maxi Skirt

Of course, a bohemian look is not complete with flowy and voluminous maxi skirt. While the printed maxi is often recommended, you can always tweak down your look with a solid-colored frock. Because of its airy feature, a maxi skirt is best worn with a fitted top, i.e. a tank top or crop top.

vanessa hudgens maxi skirt

printed maxi skirt

Maxi Dress

If you want to channel the bohemian look without any worries, then your best choice is a maxi dress. Like the maxi skirt, it has a voluminous style that makes it perfect for the hot summer season. While a maxi dress can stand out on its own, it would benefit from some styling as well. In fact, you can incorporate the best of all fashion worlds by wearing it with a leather biker jacket or a cropped denim vest.

floral maxi dress sheer maxi dress

Tunic Top

The bohemian look is all about loose, flowy clothing. Of course, these descriptions definitely belong to the tried and tested tunic top. Light and airy, it can help you emit an ethereal aura. When worn with other bohemian pieces, a tunic top can make you look like the free goddess that you are.

bohemian tunic printed tunic top

Floppy Brimmed Hat

The best accessory for a bohemian look is the floppy brimmed hat. Not only is it fashionable, it can shield your face from the harmful UV rays as well. While it is best paired with sunglasses, you can let the floppy brimmed hat shine on its own. After all, your beautiful face is enough to complete your trendy bohemian look.

floral hat black hat

Chunky Jewelry

Of course, a bohemian look is incomplete without a collection of earthy, chunky jewelry. These accessories permit the right vibe, even if they are worn with just a simple black maxi dress. Layering jewelries is the key to achieving the hot bohemian look, so go ahead and be crazy with accessorizing your outfit!

bohemian accessories bohemian jewelry

Ankle Boots

Who says you can’t wear boots this summer? You surely can, especially if you want to achieve the bohemian look. These ankle booties look spectacular with any of the bohemian-inspired pieces, as mentioned above. The more ‘rugged’ the ankle booties is, the better. As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about un-pedicured nails with this type of footwear.

taylor swift black ankle boots grey ankle boots

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