Most Flattering Jeans Style for You

Though sometimes buying every jeans style to show off your style seems very tempting, you have to remember that different body type needs different jeans styles to flatter the figure. When you fail to find the perfect style for your body type, you might just end up with the wrong pair that will only accentuate your flaws instead of your assets. So keep on reading for great guidelines to pick the most flattering jeans style for you.

Hourglass Figure

boyfriend jeans with loose top

bootcut jeans with button down shirt bootcut jeans with red blouse

Since the hourglass figure is the sexiest of all body types, women with this figure are lucky to don on almost anything and look great in it. The best feature that an hourglass figure is the curves. The curvier you are, the more you need jeans that are cut higher in the back to fit over your seat and keep you covered. Look for a contoured waistband to accentuate your small waist. To accentuate your curves and keep your waist looking slim, go for a pair of high-waist or mid-rise wide legged jeans. Aside from showcasing your sexy curves, this also helps in elongating your legs so you’ll look slimmer.

red jeans with striped top skinny jeans with chic top green blouse with white denim bootcut jeans with feminine blouse skinny jeans with white blazer

Since you want your jeans to hug your curves, not squish and contort them, go for a style with straight lines that strike a pleasing balance with curves. Go for stretchy jeans to help smooth your body lines and hug curves and a pair that’s fitted in the hips with straight legs that will slim and elongate your figure. Skinny jeans and boot cut jeans are also great for this figure as long as they are mid-cut or even high-waist. To flatter your hips best, choose a tapered leg instead of a skinny one with roomier thighs and less narrow ankles.

Pear-shaped figure

skinny jeans with chic blazer

Since pear-shaped woman characterized by fuller hips and thighs, they should avoid jeans that are tapered to the extremes and those that fit too tight because it only makes the bottoms a bigger and also makes your top half look irrationally smaller. Instead, go for low-rise flare and tapered leg but not tight styles that create overall balance, which helps downplaying your heavier lower half.

off shoulder top with boyfriend jeans

Look for a contoured waist and a higher rise in the back than in the front for where the waistband should hit at the hipbone or the belly button. So, it won’t cut into the body at the widest spot. You may add a loose belt over your shirt to create the illusion of a waistline. A light-colored top that hits just below the widest point of your hips helps create balance. Dark washes of jeans are more slimming than light ones.

2. boyfriend jeans with structured blazer cuffed jeans with cardigan

Jeans that’s too big in the waist causing the fabric to bulk out. Instead, look for jeans with straight legs and a lightweight fabric that will drape nicely. Jeans styles that hang straight from the hips to the ankles are okay. Better go for plain finishes and avoid fading effects that will only emphasize specific parts of the body. Also, opt for trouser styles that have back pockets as too plain jeans can also make your hips look wider. Boot cut jeans are designed so that the hips are one size larger than the waist.

Apple-shaped Figure

boot cut jeans with casual top tennis inspired sweater with jeans peplum blouse with distressed jeans boyfriend jeans with button down shirt

If you’re rounded at the waist and your upper body is larger than your lower half then you’re an apple-shaped woman. Select a moderate rise, which is about eight to nine inches from crotch to waist so that it will cover your problem area. Look for a style that hits you mid-waist, around your belly button, or slightly below it as a high-waist style would only actually accentuate your belly if you’re apple shaped. Also, avoid low-rise jeans that can cause a little bit of tummy spillover to you. Just look for a wide waistband that helps hold your stomach without squeezing the skin. Boot cut jeans that are cut generously through the waist and has slightly flared legs help offset the width around your middle.

skinny jeans with checkered top skinny jeans with coat camel coat with casual outfit

When opting for jeans washes, go for a dark wash, which is visually slimming, and thick denim that holds you to prevent a muffin top. Also, avoid pleats, pockets, or other details around the waist and hips as all those things bring attention to your middle. Always aim for a smooth and sleek silhouette as possible.

Straight Figure

colored jeans with neutral top burgundy jeans with black coat boyfriend jeans with basic tee jeans with loose top skinny jeans with vest

If your body is straight up and down, and you’re tall, you can definitely rock long and lean straight-legged styles. But, be careful as jeans with a little bit of bagginess in the back can flatten your shape. So, stick with a pair of jeans that have a slimmer, tighter fit like skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans in more fitted styles. Also, skip flat pockets and go for slit pockets that show off the natural curve of the behind, as well as pockets with a flap add an extra volume.

wide leg jeans with loose top white jeans with printed top cropped boyfriend jeans with edgy top skinny jeans with layered top

If you want the illusion of curves, try high-wasted jeans as it calls attention to your hips and rear end and avoid super-low-rise jeans. Though you can wear a moderate low-rise, going too far will just make you look boxy. Pleats, welded pockets, embellishments, or belt loops create width and volume that can make your figure looks more feminine and not boyish. You may also opt for mid-rise jeans a slight boot-cut opening or flare to create a curvier silhouette from top to bottom.

Now that you already know what jeans styles flatter you best, feel free to go for your perfect style and show off what you’ve got.

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