Magdalena Fuess: The Art of Wearing Black

As much as we like playing with brilliant colors, it’s near-impossible to avoid playing safe and throw on basic black pieces when we’re in a hurry to dress up in the morning. Though black — the darkest shade — obtains a negative reputation for not being pale skin friendly, the key to wearing black is all in the color combination and the fabrics you opt for.

Munich-based German fashion blogger, Magdalena Fuess is known for her stylish outfits of wearing “all-black” or creatively wearing a touch of black in her styles. Her elegant, sophisticated, and minimalist style can be seen on her photographs in her virtual diary, The Second Face. For some creativity and styling inspirations, scroll through Magdalena’s street style photos rocking the black outfits with a unique approach.

Speaking globally, we can note the variety of connotations and ideas linked to black. Many think of it as the greatest symbol of elegance and chic. Others believe that it represents the mystery of a woman. Many more take it as a common and constantly suitable option for appealing looks. On the other hand, some people refrain from overusing black, considering that it might get uninteresting and too monotone when regularly used. However, all these thoughts about black do happen to be true, but it’s essential to be able to deal with the proportions and the color combinations appropriately to bring everything into balance.

all black jumpsuit

all black

Sporting all-black all the time doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t artistic or experimental. Occasionally it’s the best approach to try new looks and styles since the hue is always complementing, versatile and enables you to stand out without looking too flashy. If you want to wear all black, play with fabric textures. Contrasting textures like polyester, velvet, cotton, silk, faux fur, and leather will allow you to experiment and create the ideal black outfit. Just like Magdalena have done, wearing a made of black cotton can be teamed a black suede shoes or black leather boots to create an interesting contrast. Also, you may use ruffles, creases, folds, seams to spice it up. Take advantage of the truth that black is slimming. So, have the outfits that are more fitted and flattering, rather than shapeless and boring. Black clothes are suitable for almost any formal event so wearing them makes you look simple, elegant, and classic.

black and white checks black top sequins in black checkered black and white jumpsuit chevron black and white skirt patterned coat white top black skirt

Wearing the timeless classics — a black and white combination — is a symbol of classic elegance always. Just like Magdalena, you may opt for a white top with a black skirt or a black blazer over a white top and black metallic shorts. Consider wearing pieces with patterns that include black to add distinction and variation to your look. Creatively use patterned black prints such as checks and chevron prints so the black used in the pattern will instantly go with whatever other black clothes you’re having on, letting you maintain the black theme of your outfit.

black and beige coat black and gray burgundy and black skirt gold and black trousers gold and red skirt yellow and black dress

For a tamed look and minimalist style, pair black with neutrals such as beige, khaki, gray, brown, and such. When the mystery and the passion work together, the results are showed as black with burgundy or any shades of red color pairs. This combination is the perfect gateway to elegant and appealing looks, getting everyone’s attention right away. Pairing gold or yellow with black emphasizes the creativity and modernized looks. Like Magdalena, she paired her gold blouse with black leather trousers and wore a dress with chevron yellow pattern in black. Black also makes chic color pairs with green, silver, purple, orange, and just any other color that comes to your mind.

leopard coat in black gold necklace metallic handbag printed skirt red bag tartan scarf

Since black has the versatility and monochrome feature, it can be easily combined with any prints at a time. As for the prints, black also looks astounding in combination with plaids, checks, animal prints, abstract, and such. You may pick any prints whether it’s a coat or accessories such as a scarf, shoes, or handbags. A black outfit is a perfect backdrop for edgy or striking necklaces and jewelry too. Include little embellishments, like gold or silver to give the look a class and intriguing touch. Consider pairing metallic accessories with a black outfit for a gorgeous look too. Wearing a metallic bag or shoes creates a lovely visual distinction and calls interest to your style. Also, you may add attraction to bold and colorful accessories.

If worn perfectly, black can serve as a good promise of your elegant, classic, and stylish looks.




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