Louise Ebel: Art-and-History Inspired Fashion Style

Since fashion is always inspired by art, history, and even music, styles are the reflection of an era as they convey the lifestyle, morals, and manners of the certain period. Women’s fashion at the beginning of the 20th century was a matter of status. And they serve as a convenient way to reminisce about the past or even revive it by a modern interpretation. If you’re seeking for some inspiration to be playful between art and history through your fashion style, let’s have a style inspiration.

history inspired dress

From Paris, France, Louise Ebel is a style blogger known for her art and history inspired style. Since Louise is a student in art history and currently writing a memoir about women in the XIXth century in France, no wonder her fashion style is influenced by both. For her, fashion is inspired by art, and art reflected the fashion of an era. Probably, that’s the reason why Louise loves fashion as it gives so much information about the past, much more than wars or reigns. On her blog Miss Pandora, she shows how her personal style imitates art and history to life.

When channeling your love for art and fashion through style, think of any inspiration you can draw from such as a specific interest for a historic, art, or musical period. Louise says she always wanted to be dressed like Marie Antoinette, so she sticks with all the things that inspire her like paintings, books, hats, engravings, feathers, and antiques. She knows exactly what suits her and wears it with confidence and conviction.

floppy hat tiara with lace up gladiators vintage briefcase with classic outfit

You may dip your toe in the style by opting for art and history inspired accessories. Louis is more than likely sporting a flower tiara or hat of some kind to complement her style. Look for vintage turban hats, fascinators, and wide-brim hats to add to your favorite modern outfit. Also, corset belts, silk scarves, vintage sunglasses, retro headband, and even briefcase style bags can update your style and keep your whole look interesting and new. Also, Mary Jane style shoes, Baroque boots, combat boots, and even gladiator sandals give some historic touch to your style.

black classic dress with leather boots white lace dress lace dress with suede boots fur kimono dress black collared dress

When looking for dresses, remember that the 1900’s was known for puffed long sleeves, voluminous lace gowns, long styles, corsets, and collared tops so you may search for similar features to effortlessly reminisce the style. Look for dresses that can be easily accessorized to be made modern in style like those with a solid color especially black or white, and in good quality fabric that can be worn with boots, wide-brimmed hat, and modern jewelry. On the other hand, dresses with lots of embellishment and ornaments can look too costumey for regular wear so better limit your accessories.

fur collared coat fur collared dress fur collared jacket fur kimono dress

1930’s fashion made of different kinds of hats and fur details. So you may incorporate some fur touches like fur collars, bag, scarves, or even wear a fur clothing. Louise is amazingly versatile in wearing fur. Sometimes she’s wearing a style that has a dark, yet subtle romantic feel, or she’s playing with muted and light pastel colors.

bow tie blouse with black outfit bow-tie blouse bow-tie top with classic skirt bow-tie velvet dress

The “pussy bow” or “pussy cat bow” styles had been worn since at least the nineteenth century so you may want to seek for these styles in dresses or blouses. Ribbon styles are more modern and are highly stylish without looking you came from another era. Fabrics such as leather, velvet, and chiffon are a great choice for these dresses. You may want to wear some hat or fascinators to complement the historic style.

animal print coat classic trench coat color blocked outfit colorful and classic outfitmarching band coat

On the other hand, the 1910’s brought about the trench coat for women. You may play with classic prints and bold colors like Louise did. She wore an animal print coat, neutral-colored coat, marching band coat, and even clash with colors and prints in wearing these styles of coats.

Fashion mirrors art and history and your style mirrors your personality. So be artistic and tasteful in showing off your style and bring art and fashion into life through your personal style.





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