Lingerie Fashion Tips for Summer

Figuring out what to wear this summer is a challenge. However, it’s more difficult to decide what to wear underneath. After all, summertime can get rather sweaty. If you want to keep your privates fresh and stylish along the way, then make sure to consider these lingerie fashion tips for summer.

Go Neutral

Summer is the best time to wear white tops and dresses. Unfortunately, wearing your neon pink bra and panty set won’t help you out. If you want to keep your knickers subtle, then wear neutral colored undies that come close to your skin color. These lingerie fashion tips can help you way beyond summer, so make sure to choose a convertible bra that you can wear for the months to come.

white button down top

white lace dress

Be Cool in Mesh or Cotton

Summer is one of the best seasons because of beach parties and what not, but the truth of the matter is it can get rather humid. For days when you feel like melting, follow the best lingerie fashion tips and wear undies made from cotton or mesh. These fabrics feel like your second skin, and they prevent sweat from pooling in the most awkward of places.

kendall jenner cotton lingerie printed mesh lingerie

Be Seen in a Bralette

For this summer season, you might want to wear tops with low armholes. Since your brassiere is going to be seen from both sides, lingerie fashion tips dictate that you wear a cute bralette underneath. Choose one with a shocking color, a nice band, or multiple straps (the latter is very important if you have an ample bosom.) Remember, when shopping for a bralette, select a style with maximum coverage. Side boobs do not look good in real life.

black bralette multiple strap bralet multiple strap bralettes

Be Cute in a Cami Bra

If you love wearing low-cut tops for summer, then make sure to invest in one or two cami bras. These stylish bras embody the lingerie fashion tips for summer, as they can provide support and coverage in ripe style. Instead of wearing a tank top underneath, a cami bra is a cute and cool replacement for summer layers.

black cami bra black cami top

Love Lace

When it comes to brassieres, you will definitely fall in love with lace. Given the humidity of the summer, lace can give your puppies a light and airy feeling. Most importantly, it can make you look sexy and oh-so-sultry. Since lace bras come in a variety of designs and sizes, make sure to follow my lingerie fashion tips and opt for styles with underwires. After all, you still need support while looking sexy and feeling cool.

vanessa hudgens lace bra black lace bra

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