Laura Saur: Classic Plain and Prints Fashion Style

Though mixing prints are trendy and cool nowadays, the combination of plain and prints is timeless. This gives you a more elegant, sophisticated, and smart look that’s perfect from casual afternoon tea with friends to formal business meetings. Want to look classy and formal with this clothing style? Let’s have a review on this classic styling tricks.

A Boston based stylist, Laura Saur is the fashion blogger behind LoSo Fancy. Started her blog in 2013, Laura established her digital portfolio and a place to challenge her personal style. For her, delicate style is all about quality over quantity and having a good eye on classic clothing staples can take her a long way. Laura is transitionally layering her timeless pieces such as plain and prints separates to keep her smart, elegant, and sophisticated in all various occasions. Be inspired to get a little creative with your own style too.

Prints are striking and eye-catching, but they are also risky. Truth be told there is a fine line between eye-catching and an eyesore if you mixed busy prints together. Still, prints are highly flexible that they can spice up a plain outfit and add an interest to it. Brighten up your clothes with various sorts of prints. Stripes, floral prints, checks, polka dots, abstract prints, and animal prints are great for adding a pop to your outfit. Prints will bring some dimension, structure, and artistic attraction to whatever you’re wearing.

leopard scarf

leopard shoes in military printed shoes

So, start easy by adding prints through your accessories such as leopard print scarf, shoes, bags, or belt to your plain outfit. Anytime you want to include prints into your outfit, keep in mind, it is perfect to put one key piece then balance it out by wearing it with any neutral or complementary colors.

floral top burgundy pants floral top peach shorts floral top white jeans printed top plain skirt stripes top black pants

As with most things in life, trying to keep things simple is the finest way, and sporting prints is no exception. Whenever sporting a printed article of clothing, maintain the rest of your clothing plain and simple. For instance, if you are sporting a floral print top, match it with plain pants, skirt, or shorts in a complementary color. In this scenario, the shirt must be the highlight piece of the outfit. Your pants, belt, shoes, and hat should also be in harmony of your attire. Plain and prints rule is a timeless trick that you can never go wrong with.

gray plain tops printed pants plain top floral dress plain top floral pants plain top printed skirt plain top rocade pants printed dress plain blazer printed dress, plain accessories

Every woman can wear prints and the key is getting the right prints to enhance your body shape and style them perfectly. If you are bottom heavy, choose for a printed top and stay away from busy and bold prints on your lower half. If you are top heavy, stay away from busy and crowded prints. They can increase bulk to your upper body. Choose for smaller sized, refined prints, or a plain top as an alternative. For the lower half, busy printed pants or skirt is perfect for this body type. If you want to spotlight any body part, then go for daring and vibrant prints. If you wear a printed dress, opt for neutral or plain accessories or you may throw on a white blazer. You only have to be cautious how you match them, and how much you put on at once. Don’t dress in head to toe prints if you still want to look classy and elegant.

If you style them creatively and match them with suitable pieces and colors, you’ll look fashion-forward and classy. So, flaunt your classic style of wearing prints and be a head turner.



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