Ladylike Ways to Wear a Leather Dress

A leather dress can be a little intimidating on a lot of women and you can’t blame them. Just leather on its own can already be overwhelming and wearing it as a dress can double that feeling, especially when it turns out to be a rather sexy cut. Some women tend to stay away from wearing leather dresses because they fear it might make them look a little too racy but there are tons of ways to look classy in one. Here are some tips on how to look ladylike when wearing a leather dress.

  1. Choose a modest cut – anything leather can be really sexy and that includes a leather dress. If you’re afraid you’ll end up with a racy look, just make sure to choose a leather dress with a modest style / cut and you should be good to go. A classic sheath is a safe choice though there are tons of other cuts that can help you channel a ladylike look in a leather dress as well.modest full length leather dress
    modest leather dress cut
  2. Avoid sexy details – another thing you can do to create a more ladylike look is to avoid sexy details when picking a leather dress. Having sexy details like cut outs can give you a really racy look and if that’s not what you want then it’s best to avoid them.chic and simple leather dress chic leather dress high fashion
  3. Mix it up with lace – lace never fails to soften up any look and if you think that a plain leather dress is just too sleek, too sexy, or too racy for you, you can always achieve a more ladylike look by mixing it up with lace. Try a leather and lace dress or accessorize your look with lace accents. How you incorporate leather with lace is totally up to you.lace florette details on leather dress lace details on leather dress
  4. Look for a non-black leather dress – google up the term ‘lace dress’ and you’ll see sleek, black leather dresses all over the page and while I have nothing against a good leather LBD, sometimes, it can be a little too much. For a softer and more ladylike look, why not try a leather dress in a different color like pink or red?color pink leather dress zoe saldana color maroon simple leather dress
  5. Dress it up – even the most subtle touches can make a big difference when you’re wearing something as intimidating as a leather dress. Try giving your leather dress a more ladylike look by adding girly accessories and feminine accents like dainty jewelry, a chic belt, or a flirty hair and makeup look.girly white leather dress with lace overlay girly leather dress


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