Jewelry Trends for Summer

Some jewelries are timeless – they can be worn whatever day or season it might be. However, there are some baubles that are more than perfect for summer. If you want shine fashionably bright like the scorching sun, then make sure to embrace these bold jewelry trends for summer.

Turquoise-Jeweled Anything

Jewel summer trends are all about bright colors. One of the season’s most vibrant hues is turquoise. Although it is commonly seen in native Aztec jewelry, turquoise now graces a variety of baubles. What’s great about turquoise baubles is they can add a pop of color to an otherwise boring outfit. Whether you are wearing a little black dress or a basic tee-and-jeans pairing, you will surely look sunny in these jewelry trends for summer.

turquoise jewelry collection

turquoise jewelry

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The summer heat is on! Most ladies are already wearing their short shorts and mini skirts, shedding some skin not in the hope of attracting guys – but in the hope of cooling down! If you are one of these sexy ladies who can’t help but bare your legs, make sure to add some drama by wearing an anklet. A simple, single strand is good enough – although it would not hurt to stack up these jewelry trends for summer. Because of their unique style, you can rock anklets no matter what shoes or sandals you are wearing.

layered anklets pearl anklets

Rope Necklaces

Jewelry summer trends are not limited to gold, silver, and other precious metals. If you want baubles that you can take wherever (without worrying about losing them, of course,) then you are best off with rope necklaces. These low-maintenance accessories are perfect for a day in the beach – as you don’t have to take them off should you decide to take a dip in the warm beach waters. For a runway-inspired look, try to layer rope necklaces of different lengths, colors, and designs.

printed shirt and rope necklace orange rope necklaces braided rope necklace

Tasseled Jewelry

Apart from rope necklaces, tasseled baubles are other low-maintenance jewelry trends for summer. While they are reminiscent of festivities and what not, tasseled accessories can add some flair and motion to your simple summer outfit. In fact, you can combine it with other jewelry trends for summer – such as rope necklaces or turquoise-jeweled baubles.

tasseled jewelries tassel necklace colorful rope necklace

Although tasseled jewelry trends for summer are ideal for casual getaways, you can take it to the office as well. The key is choosing a neutral color such as black or khaki – for a quirky yet sophisticated look you can rock at work.

black tassel necklace

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