Jessica Stein: Geometric Prints for Summer

As summer fashion styles are challenging the heat down the roads, you can observe your favorite stars and style bloggers introducing the cool geometric patterns and prints in their everyday styles. You could see them dressed up in printed tops, skirts, t-shirts and gown styled outwears. One of the outstanding style blogger in wearing geometric prints is Jessica Stein.

Jessica Stein is the Australian style blogger behind Tuula Vintage. Jessica involved geometric prints and a ‘less is more’ approach into her style. Stein loves simple pieces that accentuate or juxtapose each other – geometric prints pattern – highlighting on things like the cut, structure and tone to flaunt her style. She plays tricks on monochromes and color blockings.

geometric print in black mini dress jessica stein

Her blog, Tuula Vintage, defined as “a personal diary of wanderlust and an overflowing wardrobe” has a fascinating origin. Stein loves traveling which suitably inspired the name of her blog. “I had someone in Switzerland tell me that my name should be ‘tuula’ as it’s the Finnish word for wind, and I go with the wind,” she reveals.

geometric print polka dots jumpsuit jessica stein

Though being dressed in geometric prints is a bit tricky, she’s consistent about maintaining a polished, fashionable and creative look. Wearing the geometric pattern doesn’t have to dominate your look. The strong geometric forms, like hexagons, pyramids, and rhombus, are the perfect match to the bold and vibrant prints.

Sara Kerens, Jessica Stein Tuula Vintage

Sara Kerens, Jessica Stein Tuula Vintage

geometric print shoes jessica stein geometric print off shoulder dress jessica stein

Start small if large or repetitive geometric patterns and prints sound too daring for your style. A geometric accessory is a great way to include a trendy statement piece that doesn’t overpower your attire. If you’re planning to wear geometric-printed clothes, it is best you pick your accessories in a contrasting color or in the same shade. If black and white geometric-printed attire is your favorite alternative, go for red high heel platform sandals and a red bag to add a pop of color.

geometric print bottom black top jessica stein geometric print bottom white top jessica stein geometric print dress in black jessica stein

An effective approach of putting together an outfit of mixed patterns is to work in a monochrome color scheme. This will ease the impact of any color clashes. Geometric prints in a black and white color are great for getting a retro inspired look. “Ground your outfit with neutral shoes, stockings, or accessories or use the color of the shoes to accent the dominating color scheme in the print,” says Judy-Anne Hereu, a former senior stylist. When you add a solid with patterns, the visual spot balances your pieces and quiets any noise that geometric patterns create together.

geometric print vertical dress jessica stein geometric print tube dress jessica stein geometric print floral dress jessica stein geometric floral print jessica stein

Pattern on pattern is a more elevated fashion statement. An effortless way to wear clashing patterns is to dress in the same pattern but in varied styles. For instance team a horizontal striped top with a vertical striped skirt. Or a delicate spotted shirt with a full polka dot skirt. Teaming the identical pattern in varied colors is also an artistic approach to work this look. Floral on floral is a trick for geometric patterns too. Another tip for how to wear patterns is to mix big and little patterns in the one attire by balancing out greater, bolder patterns with smaller ones.

geometric print shorts jessica stein
geometric print jumpsuit jessica stein geometric leather dress jessica stein

Geometric prints will affect how your figure looks as well. Thus, if you’re carrying excess weight on your hips, pick a geometric-printed top to balance your shape, while a skirt highlighted by this print will pull attention from the thing you’re intending to hide in the upper area. Petite women can decide to wear vertical prints to give the trick of height. Tall women can wear heavy designs to hold the emphasis on the clothes rather than their height. Women heavier in the chest area may dress in diagonal prints to keep off unwanted focus. If daring and adventurous is more your style, you’ll appreciate the strong, angular prints and shades making looks this summer.

There is no doubt that dressing in geometric patterns is a perfect way to bring some variety to your look and make a fashion statement this summer.

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