Jessica Ricks: Fashionable Accessories for Sophisticated Women

In the world of fashion, there are a countless variety of accessories attainable to make your ensemble extraordinary. Wondering which chic accessories are versatile enough to fit your personality and style? Be inspired by a fashion-forward blogger and present the endless potentials to make the best style of each item you own.

Born and raised in California, Jessica Ricks is the style blogger behind the Hapa Time blog. Her blog, Hapa Time, originated from the English word “half” and from an acknowledged slang for mixed racial roots in Asian ancestry. It’s very fitting since Jessica is half Japanese and half Caucasian. She is known for creating such individualistic and chic outfits, styling classy and creative looks, and incorporating chic accessories into her daily wardrobe. Let’s have a sneak peek of her chic ensembles and be inspired on a great start to flaunt your fashionable style.

Floppy Hat

black fedora hat

A floppy hat is the trusted accessory during the summer season. With light material and a wide brim, you’ll be well set for an awesome day in the sun. For maximum versatility, pick a hat in a neutral color like natural straw or black. You’ll be equipped to wear it with every piece of your summer outfits.


sunnies flowerssunnies

A pair of sunglasses is a necessary item for chic style. Consider sunglasses that aren’t trend particular, letting you safeguard your eyes throughout any season. Bear in mind that your face shape is a vital factor in selecting out a great pair of sunglasses.

Fashionable Scarf

fur scarf

A scarf in a neutral shade such as white, brown, black, and such can easily be matched with your outfit. Wool, fur, and knit scarves are all wonderful options for leveling up your simple and plain outfit. But, if you’re wearing a shirt with appealing adornments near the collar, you wouldn’t want to wear a big scarf to cover it up. As an alternative, pick a thin one that will highlight the details you want to show off.

Statement Necklace

gold necklace snake necklace statement necklace

Statement necklaces are great for those times when you’re in a hurry, as it will finish your looks while still encompassing your sense of style. It can be anything from eye-catching and vibrant to elegant and feminine. A gold or silver necklace can be accompanied by top and jeans, dresses, suited looks, or whatever else you are wearing. While pearl necklaces are a classic, it would be excellent for those last minute schedules and dinner dates. As soon as you decide on a statement necklace that shows your preference and style, it will be your new go-to accessory, even when it’s the only piece of jewelry you wear.


metallic beltpink thin belt

A good belt can bring that polishing touch to your outfit, so it’s really necessary that you pick the right one. Pick a belt in either black or brown for a practical yet stylish accessory. Skinny belts will highlight your waist, while chain belts can add luxury to your ensemble. Regardless of your style, belts will bring a polished look to your outfit.

Wrist Watches

gold watch jewel watch

Watches come in numerous designs and sizes, and can be worn as a handy accessory or a fashionable piece of jewelry. Large faced watches are the simplest choice for telling time. But for more sophisticated occasions, a fine watch with a touch of luster is the perfect choice. Sporting an everyday watch means selecting one that is comfortable, long lasting and neutral, while a designer watch best fit with classy and glamorous attire. Take note, sports watches should never be worn with a suit.

Statement Handbags

embellished gold small bag marble box clutch

Whether or not you’re a handbag kind of woman, you can’t deny that a handbag is an accessory must-have. A bag in a neutral color will synchronize with a wide range of outfits while keeping all of your daily essentials. Also, think about one statement handbag that can add some punch to an outfit. Clutches and handbags with gold or metal embellishments, marble touches, and jewel tones are versatile styles to add on your statement.

Statement Shoes

stiletto shoes red shoes snakeprint

Shoes such as pumps, stilettos, or work heels can instantly boost an outfit. Wear footwear with a bit of height to lengthen your legs. If you are dressed in a skirt with bare legs, heeled shoes will make your legs look leaner and longer through the trick of optical illusion. By not breaking up the legs with a dull pair of shoes, one continuous leg line is created.

Balance the details on your understated clothes by pairing bold accessories with them. Make use of your advantage in wearing your accessories and you’ll be sure to turn heads.



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