How to Wear Stripes with Style

Many women fear stripes because of the old belief that stripes make you look either like a prisoner or just fat. However, stripes aren’t actually that bad. As long as you know what to wear with them and how to style them, stripes can actually look ultra chic and super fab. Here are some tips on how to wear stripes with style.

  • IN COLOR – the black and white combo is a classic, especially when it comes to stripes but they’re the very reason some people don’t like stripes at all and if you’re one of these people, why not wear your stripes in color? Pick out a color combo that you think would look great on you or pick out a stripe in one color but different intensities. It’s sure to liven up your look and make your outfit more chic.

colored knit stripes

colored pink and white stripes

  • GO ALL OUT – if you’re brave and bold and you like to get experimental with your look, go all out and sport your stripes from head to toe. Not everyone can muster the guts to do this look but it’s well worth a shot. Make sure to add variety in the color and size of your stripes to keep your outfit from being boring.

head to toe stripes outfit head to toe stripesstriped dress with sneakers

  • AS AN ACCENT – if you’re afraid that you can’t pull off going all out on stripes, use it as an accent instead. Having just a little bit of stripes against a plain / simple look will really make it pop. You can opt for a striped tank top or cami underneath a cute blazer or striped tights under a cute dress.

accent stripes accent stripe shirt under blazer

  • MIXED STRIPES – one of the ways to wear stripes with style is to mix and match different kinds of stripes into one outfit. Doing this gives your outfit the variety that it needs to make stripes look less boring or daunting. A great way to mix stripes is to wear them in different sizes. You can also try wearing horizontal and vertical stripes together in one outfit for a more interesting look.

mixed stripes mixed stripes top

  • WITH OTHER PRINT PATTERNS – another really cute way to wear stripes with style is to mix and match it with other print patterns like florals, polka dots, animal prints and whatnot. This is a great way to do your own take at the print on print or double print trend. You don’t have to mix and match from head to toe. You can do it in layers, too.

print match outfit print match stripes and polka

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