How to Wear Sneakers with a Dress

A nice and girly dress paired up with sneakers may not always be the first thing you would think of wearing, be it for an everyday look, a date night look or a street style look, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try rocking this combo out. I used to think wearing sneakers with dresses was tacky until I tried it out myself. My discovery? They’re comfy, they’re easy to wear and they look super cute together, too! You just have to pair the right dress with the right shoes. Here are some tips on how to wear sneakers with a dress and make it look chic.

  • THE LOWER THE SNEAKERS, THE BETTER – low cut sneakers are generally better when it comes to being paired up with dresses because they’re less attention-grabbing which means that there’s more room for your outfit to shine. Of course, you can wear high cut sneakers as well but they’re best paired with shorter dresses while low cut sneakers look great with dresses of all lengths.

low cut green sneakers

low cut converse and dress

  • CHOOSE AN ALL-WHITE PAIR – if you’re looking for a foolproof pair of sneakers that will look great with just about any dress you have in your wardrobe, you can try starting out with a pair of all white, low key kicks. They’re very versatile and they’re practically foolproof so they’re perfect for beginners or for those who are overwhelmed by the combo.

white sneakers and bnw white white sneakers and striped dress

  • GO FOR SIMPLE SILHOUETTES – simple dress silhouettes are much easier to wear if you’re planning on doing the dress and sneakers combo. Avoid too much details like cutouts and whatnot that will just confuse the eye and make it look like you have too much going on in your look.

simple maxi silhouette with side slit simple gray dress accessorized with body chain

  • WEAR TIGHTS / LEGGINGS UNDERNEATH – whether you’re still overwhelmed by the dress and sneakers combo or you just want to add more layers to keep your legs warm, wearing a pair of tights or leggings underneath your dress before finishing up the look with sneakers can help make pulling it off easier.

tights dress and sneakers outfit tights and dress

  • AIM FOR ‘ATHELETIC CHIC’ – if you’re not into Converse-type shoes and you’re more of a trainers kind of girl, you can always put your runners to good use by pairing them up with dresses as well. The athletic chic look calls for girly dresses paired up with runners / trainers and accessorized with either feminine accents if you want the look to lean more towards the chic side or with sporty ones if you want the look to lean more towards the athletic end.

athletic chic athletic chic outfit

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