How To Wear Skater Style: 5 Looks from Zendaya

With athleisure and androgynous styles getting more and more popular by the season, it is no longer a surprise that women’s fashion is taking inspiration from the men’s. Now there are even lady skaters, playing with their own boards on skate parks along with fellow skater dudes. And why the heck not? Skating is not a gender exclusive thing.

One other thing we have noticed in lady skaters are the kind of clothes they wear. There is some sort of theme. And we realize that it’s well, skater style. The combination of casual, hip-hop, and a dash of sophisticated athleisure. Outfits that you are comfortable to jump and move freely in. And we’ve got one of many stylish celebs who is a known skater to guide us into skater skater dress Zendaya

Zendaya Coleman’s style reverberate casual plus edgy, one of the several perfect combination to a skater style.

Here are 5 skater style outfits inspired from Zendaya.

Graphic tee + floral pants

One reason as to why we can completely own an outfit or style inspired from men’s fashion is because we always add at least a little amount of femininity in them. Skater style is no exception to that. You want to be comfortable in what you are wearing and to reverberate the skater feel to an outfit with casualness. But you also want to have that dash of femininity. One way of doing so is by wearing floral pants. You can pair them with a unisex t-shirt, something that isn’t fit like a tee.floral pants and black tee Zendaya loose tee and floral pants Zendaya

Jogger or sweat pants + anything feminine

Jogger pants give the freedom to move around while still looking presentable. The same goes with sweat pants. This is why these two kinds of pants are great for a skater style attire. You want to add a feminine element to your outfit, of course, and you can achieve this with the top. Try pairing either of the two pants with a silk blouse or something equally girly. You can also incorporate the dash of ladylikeness through your choice of accessories. Structured bags or gold watches are excellent shirt and jogger pants Zendaya Zendaya athleisure look

Leggings + oversized top

Balance is often an unnoticed characteristic in a well-assembled outfit but it is just as important to have. We mentioned above balancing a style inspired from the men’s fashion by adding a little female element to the outfit. Another way to balance skater style is by the kind of clothes you choose to pair. An oversized top gives a lot of breathing room and allows you to move more freely. But you don’t want to look sloppy by pairing an equally loose bottom with it. Leggings is a great standard pair for an oversized top.oversized jacket and skinnies Zendaya graphic shirt and red sneakers Zendaya

Fitting dress/skirt + sneakers

This gives a more athleisure and hip look but it is equally great for a skater style. Now, you may be thinking that fitting dresses or skirt is not a good clothing to wear for a skater style. But I suggest picking those in stretchable fabric. Pair it with a pair of sneakers to add an element of casualness.bodycon Zendaya pencil skirt Zendaya

Denim overall + crop top

This outfit combination could make for any style, from preppy to modern minimalist. The key to making it a skater style look is by the kind of crop top to wear. Something with much swag and a hip feel like the one worn by Zendaya would look great.     overalls Zendaya

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