How to Wear Lace Tights for the Office

Lace tights can add the perfect amount of sexiness depending on what you’re going to pair with them. However, you must be careful when wearing lace tights to the office to keep your professional looks. If you think lace tights can add some feminine and sexy looks to your office style, keep on reading for our styling tricks on how to wear them.

  1. Opt for subtle lace texture on your tights, especially if you’re in the conservative workplace.

black coat with lace tights and classic pumps

red coat with patterned tights red coat with floral skirt and lace tights lace tights with side paneled dress

If you want to wear a subtle lace texture on your legs without stirring up too much attention at work, go for discreet lace prints in black shade. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, go for lace tights with minimal prints so it wouldn’t look noticeable easily and wear it with a pair of classic pumps that’s a must in a conservative office. Remember, lace tights already scream sexy so keep your footwear simple. Patent leather is fine as long as the lace is subtle.

  1. If you’re going for daring and eye-catching patterns on your tights, keep your outfit sleek and streamlined.

lace tights with collared dress patterned tights with white outfit patterned tights with all black outfit leather jacket with navy dress lace tights with structured coat lace tights with peplum blouse and black skirt

For a creative office environment that doesn’t require three-piece-suit, you may go for bolder and daring patterns on your lace tights as long as you wear classy office outfit with them. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, let your lace tights steal the show by keeping your office ensembles simple yet sleek. Also, if wearing plain from top to toe bores you, experiment with a mix-media combo such as a suede handbag, leather pumps, wool coat, cashmere sweater, or silk skirt to add some texture variation to your looks.

  1. Add a pop of color into your outfit to complement the creative vibe of your lace tights.

lace tights with neon pink skirt and leather jacket polka dots stockings with yellow outfit pink skirt with black blouse

If adding a pop color works in your creative office, try incorporating bold colored piece with your neutral outfits with your lace tights. If you want to look professional, avoid wearing two to three bright shades all at once. Though wearing a brightly colored necklace with a neutral top and brightly-colored skirt sometimes work, a monochromatic look sometimes looks more professional over color blocking. However, you can also attempt to do a subtle color-blocking by using low-key colors such as dark blue with a deep plum.

  1. Add some personality to your office looks by incorporating prints with your lace tights.

lace tights with checkered blazer colorful outfit with patterned tights

Lace tights can give you enough prints without looking flashy, but that doesn’t mean you’re banned from wearing patterns on your outfit. Like street style stars, you can actually complement your lace tights by wearing a printed blazer or skirt that resembles your prints. However, if you’re working in a fashion-related office that allows unexpected and unconventional looks, feel free to wear floral lace tights with printed dresses adorned with statement jewelry and a pair of leopard print shoes.

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