How to Wear Florals for Spring

Spring signifies the blossoming of the flowers. With that being said, blooms prove to be one of the best prints for your spring attires. If you’re still clueless as how to rock floral-inspired fashion, then make sure to follow these tips on how to wear florals for spring.

Mix it

Floral patterns are eye-catching by itself, so imagine if you have more than 1 design on you! Yes, matching floral print with another is one of the edgiest ways on how to wear florals for spring. Of course, when you do so, make sure to remember the cardinal rule of mixing prints: choose designs with a certain unifying theme, such as a similar color palette or schematic.

floral on floral

mixed prints

Masculinize your Style

Menswear attires are some of the hottest fashions of today. Since florals are definitely in this season, then pairing them with your menswear-inspired apparels is one of the ways how to wear florals this spring. A structured jacket, for example, is the perfect topper for your flimsy floral dress. Brogues or oxfords with a blossomy attire? It’s a couture dream come true!

menswear and floral menswear floral

Divine in Denim

Denim is one of the most versatile fabrics in the world of fashion. As such, it is one of the best pairs if you are thinking of novel ways on how to wear florals this spring. You could go for a chambray top with a floral skirt or shorts, or a floral top with boyfriend jeans or even a denim romper. Because of the simple nature of denim, you will definitely look stunning when you pair it with your blossomy pieces.

denim and floral floral and denim

Be Sporty

Athletic pieces are in total contrast with floral prints, that is why it’s a good choice to combine the two! If the other ways on how to wear florals this spring are just too cheesy for you, then you can up your fashion ante by wearing it with sporty pieces. A varsity jacket – and your favorite pair of sneakers – are just some of the sporty things that will definitely look stunning with your floral frocks.

varsity jacket and florals floral dress and sneakers

Harden it with Leather

Florals are very delicate prints. So when it comes to how to wear florals for spring, the key is to pair them with a contrasting item, such as leather. Leather is known to be grungy and structured, compared to florals which are oftentimes playful and flowy. The contrast between the two textures will help you create a soft yet edgy look.

leather with florals leather and floral

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