How to Wear Ear Cuffs with Personality

Unconventional and unique, ear cuffs are a bit of a quirky trend right now. Though wearing them on your street looks may seem edgy, they can still be tricky to pull off. If you’re feeling adventurous on your jewelry, keep on reading on how to wear ear cuffs with personality.

casual chic outfit with ear cuffs

casual chic sweater with ear cuffs denim outfit with ear cuffs jumpsuit with ear cuffs

To spice up your casual and casual-chic outfits, go for ear cuffs as your statement accessory. From simple ear cuffs to lobe-covering numbers, they are great accessories that can instantly revamp your basic denim outfits. You may wish to contrast the style of your ear cuffs with the style of your outfit, or even complements them. If you’re wearing a casual-chic sweater and silk scarf, opt for ear cuffs with pearls or diamonds for a more polished look. On the other hand, colorful ear cuffs will look complementing with your denim outfit.

body con dress with ear cuffs ear cuffs with white outfit emma watson in glamorous outfit with ear cuffs pearl ear cuffs with chic outfit

If simple and sophisticated is your style, opt for one strand ear cuffs or ones with small stones that look more elegant and classic. Pearl and diamonds ear cuffs in gold or silver metals look sophisticated and elegant, especially when they are simple in structure and design. Avoid opting for over decorated or elaborate styles if you’re aiming for a sophisticated look, as it will only take you away from the style you’re aiming for.

coco rocha in edgy outfit and ear cuffs kristen stewart with lace outfit and ear cuff lily collins in edgy ear cuff with sexy top snake ear cuff with chic outfit

For an edgy fashion style, opt for ear cuffs with edgy details like snake, spikes, winged style, unconventional shapes, or even sharp edges over rounded ones. Wear them with bold and dark makeup or even edgy outfits like borrowed-from-boys ensembles, grunge pieces, or even leather pieces that will complement your look. Chain ear cuffs style will look great with your girl’s night out outfits, or even clubbing outfit.

checkered top with ear cuffs floral dress with ear cuffs printed dress with ear cuffs striped dress with ear cuffs

To make it more fashionable, contrast or complement your ear cuff structure with the rhythm of your prints. If you’re wearing stripes, checks, chevron, or geometric pattern, wear those winged, dangling, or leaf style ear cuffs with diamonds or even plain ones with rounded or elaborate structure. If you’re onto rounded ear cuffs style, they will go best with polka dots prints or any spherical-shaped patterns of your outfit. This way, you’re making your jewelry coordinated with your patterns and prints.

colorful ear cuff with classic outfit diamond ear cuffs with bright outfit ear cuffs with cute headband ear cuffs with white outfit with silver belt tribal ear cuff with boho outfit

To show off your mood and personality with your ear cuffs, make use of colors and structure to flaunt it. Ear cuffs with colorful stones like sapphire, amethyst, emerald, turquoise, ruby and such can be a hint of your playful personality. To show off your hippie and bohemian fashion in a more expressive way, opt for caged ear cuffs or even those with feather details that complement the free-spirited vibe of your style.

When opting for ear cuffs or any accessories, always go for ones that define your mood and personality. After all, fashion is a means of expressing your individuality through the ensembles and accessories you’re wearing.

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